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How to Remove Attribution on a Blog

How to Remove Attribution on a Blog

How to Remove Attribution on Blogger - Most templates provided by third parties no longer include blogger attribution widgets. However, if we still use the default template from blogger then the template will automatically be installed with blogger attribution that cannot be manually removed.

The problem arises when there are bloggers who still want to use the default blogger template but also want to delete the blogger attribution on the template for several reasons.

Although it can't be deleted manually, we can still delete blogger attributions to the default template by adding code to hide this attribution widget through editing HTML templates directly.

The way to remove blogger attribution on blogger default template is as follows. Enter into each blogger's account,

Click the Ctrl + F button on the keyboard to speed up the process of finding the code that we want in the blog template.

Click Template> Edit HTML> Find code ]]></ skin> Enter the following code on it
#Attribution1 {height:0px;visibility:hidden;display:none}

Click save template and finish.
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