Monday, May 11, 2020

Alert! WHO warns the circulation of counterfeit Corona Virus drugs!

The positive case of Corona virus has now touched numbers 1.7 million more. It's a lie that society doesn't feel panic about it. Unfortunately, amidst the distress of the world, there are some who instead utilize this condition by selling a fake corona virus remedy!

Until now, there is no definite cure to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. All medications are administered only to suppress symptoms, while the efficacy of blood plasma therapy is being researched further.

Reported from, one of the experts of the World Health Agency (WHO), Pernette Bourdillon Esteve, explained that the value of counterfeit medicines in countries with middle income (developing countries) can reach 470 trillion rupiah!

This is all happening because of the increasing panic of society, so it is easy to believe that the medicines can cure Corona virus patients.

Please note, the counterfeit medicines referred to by the WHO are contaminated drugs, different active substances, and also drugs that have expired.

New research, Corona Virus found in positive patient sperm

New research, Corona Virus found in positive patient sperm
Again the latest research around corona viruses shows surprising results. Apparently, this virus is found in the sperm of a positive man infected with COVID-19. Although it is small, it opens up a chance that corona viruses can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Quoted from LiveScience, this research found doctors at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital, China.

The researchers conducted a test of 38 men treated with corona virus infections. As a result, 6 of them have sperm with corona viruses.

Nevertheless, the research published in the journal JAMA Network Open is not yet certain its truth because only a handful of people are new in the test.

Advanced research is required to prove that sex relations may be instrumental in the spread of the COVID-19.

"This is indeed an interesting finding. But there should still be further confirmation of whether Corona viruses could actually stay in the male sperm or not, "said Dr Stanley Perlman, Professor Of Microbiology, immunology, and paediatrics at the University Of Iowa, who was not involved in the study.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

WHO continues its support to Fiji’s response to COVID-19

WHO handing over laboratory equipment for COVID-19 testing to Fiji Centre for Disease Control
Working with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, WHO has so far delivered over 32000 items of personal protective equipment (PPE) and over USD $100,000 worth of PCR (laboratory)  testing supplies to support its COVID-19 response. WHO has also embedded a full-time staff working with the Emergency Operations Centre to provide technical support.

On Sunday, the Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services of Fiji received a boost in its testing capabilities following a handover of further testing supplies and testing kits by the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO Representative to Fiji and the South Pacific, Director of the Division of Pacific Technical Support, Dr. Corinne Capuano handed over the kits to the Fijian Minister for Health and Medical Services, Dr. Ifereimi Waqainabete at the Fiji Centre for Disease Control laboratory in Tamavua.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Lao health system continues to offer immunization services despite COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the arrival of COVID-19 in Lao PDR last month, the health system here is continuing to provide essential health services – and in particular immunization. This message was endorsed by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to mark the start of World Immunization Week (WIW).

Dr Panome Sayamoungkhoun, Acting Director of Mother and Child Health Center, the Ministry of Health, stated “Every infant and every child in Lao PDR has the right to a healthy start to life that vaccines bring. Even though COVID-19 has arrived in our country, diseases such as measles, pertussis, diptheria and many other vaccine preventable diseases have not gone away. These disease can still damage or even kill our children unless we vaccinate them.”

Monday, April 20, 2020

Baby in Tegal Kena Corona, new dad and uncle coming from Bekasi-Tangerang-Indonesia

The 9-month-old infant in Tegal Regency-Indonesia was deemed positively infected with the Corona virus or COVID-19. These baby Swab patients test results out on Saturday (18/4) night.

 "Even then the status is ODP, the patient still we take the swabs and new overnight results came out with positive indications. Therefore, this toddler we took another Shuttle from his house,  "said spokesman Task Force acceleration Handling COVID-19 Tegal District Dr Joko Wantoro to reporters, Sunday (19/4/2020).
Joko reveals that the baby lives in Kertaharja village, Pagerbarang Sub District, Tegal Regency. Previously, said Joko, the baby is a patient of RSUD Dr Soeselo Slawi with the status of people in Monitoring (ODP) Corona virus.

These patients were first treated in hospitalization on Monday, (6/4) then with fever complaints, cough, colds, and diarrhea. During the treatment week, patients were repatrised on Monday (13/4) due to improved conditions.

It is suspected that this virus transmission occurs by transmitting from nearby people. The results of the tracking of medical team in the health office of Tegal District mentioned that there are two people who can be contacted in one new house that comes from Bekasi and Tangerang, namely the father of toddlers and uncle.

 "Already done tracking by the medical team. There are two contact persons in one house, uncle of a toddler father. These two people just came from Bekasi and Tangerang, "he explained.

 "Secondly we set as an unsymptomatic person (OTG) and independently isolated in his home by applying physical distancing, wearing masks and a number of other health protocols, " Jelas Joko.

It is currently awaiting good fast test results. Independent isolation does not only apply to the father and uncle of infants but also all other family members living in the house.

 "If (Quick Test Aya and Uncle Baby results) Positive, then we will continue with the Swab test to prove that this local transmission has actually happened, " he concluded.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Coronavirus: 10 reasons why you don't have to panic

Regardless of whether we consider a new coronavirus as a pandemic or not, it is a serious issue. In less than two months, this plague has spread to various continents.

Pandemic means continuous and consistent transmission of the disease simultaneously in more than three different geographical areas. Pandemic does not mean how deadly a virus is but more to the distribution and its geographical additions.

What we definitely get is the pandemic of fear. Media from around the world are fixed on coronavirus. There has been deep thinking and mass planning for the worst scenarios. And of course, the impact is propagating from the global healthcare world into politics and business.

But it is certainly true that we should not panic. It would be wrong to say that there is good news coming from COVID-19, but there are reasons to be optimistic because there may be a way to ward off and defeat this virus. And the lessons can be used for the future.

1. We already know the illness

The first cases for AIDS occurred in June 1981 and it took more than two years to know the virus (HIV) that caused the disease. For the COVID-19, severe cases of pneumonia were reported in China on 31 December 2019 and on 7 January 2020 the virus had been successfully identified. The viral genome is already available on the tenth day.

We already know that there is a new coronavirus coming from the 2B group, from the same viral family as the SARS that we named SARS-CoV-2. The disease is called COVID-19. Previously thought to be associated with coronavirus coming from bats, but genetic analysis has confirmed that there is a new natural proposal (between late November and early December) and that, although the viruses live by mutating, their levels of mutability will likely not be too high.

2. We know how to detect the virus

Since January 13, a test to detect the virus has been available.

3. The situation has improved in China

Strong control and isolation actions from China are already fruitful. For the next few weeks, the number of cases diagnosed every day decreases. A very detailed advanced epidemiology is being implemented in other countries; Plague spread is very specific in some areas, which makes it easier to control.

4.80% Case Lightweight

The disease does not cause symptoms or in medium/mild scale in 81% of cases occurring. Of course, 14% can cause severe pneumonia and 5% can be critical or even fatal. But it is still unclear how the rate of death. It could be lower than the current estimate.

5. Many people can heal

A lot of data shows an increase in the number of positive cases and the number of deaths, but most infected can heal. There are 13 times as many cases heal when compared to death, and this proportion increases.

6. Symptoms less noticeable for children

Only 3% of the cases occur in people under 20 years, and the mortality rate for those under 40 years old is 0.2%. The symptoms are less noticeable in children so it can be undetectable.

7. The virus can be wiped clean

The virus can be effectively shut off from surfaces using ethanol fluid (alcohol 62-71%), hydrogen peroxide (0.5% hydrogen peroxide) or sodium hypochlorite (0.1% bleach), within just a minute. Frequent hand washing with soap and water is also the most effective way to avoid transmission.

8. Science is in depth in the world

Today is the age of international science working together. In just a month, 164 articles can be accessed on PubMed for COVID-19 or SARS-Cov-2, as well as many articles that have not been reviewed.

They are preliminary studies on vaccines, treatment, epidemiology, genetic and phylogeneology, diagnosis, and clinical and other aspects.

These articles were written by about 700 authors and distributed throughout the world. It is cooperative science, free to share. In 2003 when the SARS epidemic, it took more than a year and a half to reach half the number of the article. In addition, most scientific journals have made free publications to be accessed for coronavirus topics.

9. There is already a prototype vaccine

Our ability to make a new vaccine is spectacular. There are already eight ongoing projects to look for the new coronavirus vaccine. There are groups working on vaccination projects for similar viruses.

A vaccine group from the University of Queensland in Australia, has announced that it has been working on a prototype using a technique called "molecular clamp", an amazing technology. This is just an example that can make future vaccine making faster. This vaccine prototype will soon be tested to humans.

10. An antivirus experiment is ongoing

Vaccines are useful to prevent. Nowadays, treating people who are already sick is important. There are more than 80 clinical trials that analyse coronavirus treatment. It is an antivirus that has been used for other infections, which have been approved and proven to be safe.

One of the anti virus that has been tested in humans is remdesivir, a wide-spectrum anti-virus that is still in research that has been tested against Ebola and SARS/MERS.

Another candidate is chloroquine, an anti-malaria that also has a great power against viruses. We know that chloroquine blocks viral infections by increasing endosome pH, which is required when viruses are fusion/joined by cells, thus blocking the entry path. This content has been shown to block coronavirus in vitro (outside living organisms) and has been used for patients with coronavirus pneumonia.

Other experiments are based on the use of oseltamivir (used against influenza viruses), interferon-1b (proteins with anti-viral functions), antiserum of people who have been cured or monoclonal antibodies to neutralize the virus.

New therapies have been proposed by involving obstructions such as Baricitinibine, which is chosen by artificial intelligence (AI).

The flu pandemic in 1918 led to a death of 25 million people in less than 25 weeks. Will we experience something similar? It doesn't seem; Our preparations have never been so good at combating a pandemic. The Conversation

Ignacio López-Goñi, Catedrático de Microbiología, Universidad de Navarra

Caution Hoaks about the Corona Virus, here are seven of them

Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia revealed that to date, there are 57 hoaks of Wuhan Corona virus circulating in the community. It is certainly confusing society in filtering the correct information.

However, in addition to society, the effects of hoaks surrounding the corona virus also affect physicians. DR. Dr. Erlina Burhan, MSC, SP. P (K) is the one that complained about the many hoaks about corona viruses.

He recounts that the number of patients grew and a lot of the patient asked the truth about Corona Virus information because of the worry of being infected.

In this regard, Erlina explains seven hoaks about corona viruses that he often get from community questions:

Police Books Singer Kanika Kapoor, Who Tested Coronavirus Positive, For 'Negligence'

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor who had attended several gatherings in Lucknow and tested positive for coronavirus has been booked for negligence and disobedience to the order issued by a public servant, an official said.

The FIR was registered against at Sarojini Nagar police station, said Police Commissioner Surjit Pandey.

"An FIR was lodged at the Sarojini Nagar police station under IPC Sections 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life), 270 (malignant act likely to spread infection of disease danger­ous to life), 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant)," he told PTI.

The FIR was lodged on the complaint of the Lucknow chief medical officer.    

Two more FIRs are likely to be filed against the singer at the Hazratganj and Gomtinagar police stations as she had visited at least three gatherings in the areas falling under their jurisdiction.

Researchers in Myanmar discover 6 new corona viruses on 3 bat species

A study conducted by international researchers reported their findings about Corona viruses on bats.

Quoted from CNN Indonesia, the researchers found that there are six new corona viruses on three bat species roaming the three locations in Burma.

The research Program named PREDICT and funded by the Government of Myanmar identified an infectious disease that could potentially jump from animal to human.

The researchers started the PREDICT program since 2016 and gathered 464 saliva samples and bat dirt from 11 different bat species.

The samples were gathered from areas where humans interacted very close to the bats. The community has developed a bat-made fertilizer business and made the location a tourist attraction.

"Our findings show that there is a cave where people routinely look for bat dirt to be used as a fertilizer and this cave also serves as an ecotourism," wrote researchers from a scientific journal titled Detection of Novel Coronaviruses in Bats in Myanmar, reported Live Science.

Researchers then analyzed the genetic sequence of hundreds of samples and compared it to the virus genome Corona SARS-Cov-2.

Based on the study results, the new Corona virus is found in three bat species, namely Scotophilus heathii, Chaerephon plicatus, and Hipposideros larvatus. While the names of the new corona viruses according to the order of species are PREDICT-Cov-90, PREDICT-Cov-47 and 82, then PREDICT-Cov-92, 93, and 96.

World's Coronavirus epidemic havoc?

The world is undergoing a Global pandemic coronavirus infection. The number of people dying from coronavirus is increasing daily, so far more than one lakh 60 thousand lives have been lost due to this coronavirus and 23 lakh 31 thousand people are infected. While more than five lakh 97 thousand people have been cured.

Coronavirus Cases in India

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly across the country. So far, more than 15 thousand cases have been reported in the country. The death toll from the coronavirus in the country has crossed 500. According to the Union Health Ministry, by 8 am on Sunday (April 19), the total number of coronavirus cases in the country has risen to 15,712.

Within the country, the death toll from the Coronavirus has reached 507. In India, 2230 patients have been cured of coronavirus. At present 12,974 patients are being treated in hospital across the country.

World Health Organization warning due to coronavirus (Covid-19)

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday warned that COVID-19 the first case reported in Wuhan, China last year, is 10 times more deadly than swine flu. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebresius said, 'Evidence from many countries is giving us clear information about how the virus behaves, how it can be prevented and how to treat it. We know that COVID-19 is spreading very quickly and we also know that it is 10 times more deadly than the 2009 pandemic. '

World Health Organization warning due to coronavirus (Covid-19)
World Health Organization warning due to coronavirus (Covid-19)

He also urged that control measures should be taken 'slow and with control'. Ghebresius said, 'It won't happen all at once. Control measures can only be adopted when the right public health measures are taken, including significant potential for contact tracing. '

The Director General of the WHO stressed that countries have to strike a balance between measures that are pointing to the mortality of COVID-19 and other diseases caused by extreme health systems, as well as socio-economic impacts We do.

Ghebresius said, 'The epidemic has spread everywhere, with its public health and socioeconomic effects deepening. Who are insecurely affecting vulnerable people. A large population has already experienced lack of access to regular, essential health services. '

Corona Virus (Covid-19) effects on Kanika Kapoor (Indian Bollywood Singer)

Four more people have confirmed the corona virus on Friday in Lucknow. They also include Kanika Kapoor, a famous Bollywood singer. He is kept in isolation ward. She returned from London only a few days ago and stayed at the Taj Hotel in Lucknow.

She then attended a party held at the Shalimar Grand Apartments. It is being told that he did not tell anyone about returning from London and went straight to the hotel. During this time many people came in contact with him.The police swung into action after the corona virus was confirmed in Kanika Kapoor. According to the information, Kanika arrived at the hotel on 14 March and checked out on 16 March.

Five people had also reached him in the hotel. The police have now started searching for all these people, so that these people can also be tested corona. Police also reached the Shalimar Gantt Apartment, where information is being collected about who attended that party.

Health Department officials say that Kanika Kapoor's parents and the servant present in the house will also be investigated. According to police, 3 had reached Delhi before London. After this she came to Lucknow from Delhi. Now it is also being investigated on which flight she came from Delhi.
 The number of corona infected people in India increased to 195.

The number of people infected in India increased to 195 on Friday after 22 new cases of corona virus were reported in different parts of the country. These include 32 foreign nationals, according to Health Ministry data. According to the ministry, there are currently 171 cases of Kovid-19 in the country. Apart from this, 20 people are those who have recovered or have been discharged, while four people have died. So far 17 people including a foreigner have been found infected in Delhi. At the same time, 19 cases including one foreigner have been reported in Uttar Pradesh.Maharashtra has reported 47 cases including three foreigners, while Kerala has recorded 28 cases, including two foreign nationals.

There are 15 corona virus patients in Karnataka. In Ladakh, the number of infections has increased to 10 and in Jammu and Kashmir its number has increased to four. Telangana has reported 16 cases including nine foreigners.Seven people, including two foreigners, are infected with the corona virus in Rajasthan. There have been three cases in Tamil Nadu.

In Andhra Pradesh, two people are infected. One case each has been reported in Odisha, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Puducherry, Chandigarh and Punjab. 17 people including 14 foreigners are infected in Haryana.

Monday, April 13, 2020

The Bitter Truth of Chinese CoronaVirus - COVID-19

The Coronavirus, Covid-19 which has been the talk of the world for the last few months , has been the cause of over 15000 deaths , leading to widespread terror all across the world. It has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and most importantly it has affected over 300 thousand people all over the world , most notably in Italy where there has been a lockdown situation. Italy has suffered massive deaths and terrifying panic situation.

The Coronavirus is said to be originated from the fish market in Wuhan province of China. The source is not confirmed officially but scientists say that the flying mammal Bat has been the cause of the transmission of this deadly virus into the human beings .
The virus is then said to be spread to the Chinese people in Wuhan and some other cases of Coronavirus were confirmed on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship at the beginning of the January month . And then sooner or later it spread to the rest of the world and there have been very few countries till date which have not been yet affected.

But many questions come to our mind. Is it true ? Has the Coronavirus originated from the Wuhan province of China ? Is there some other theory which China is hiding ?

To answer these questions we have to go back to China in early November. The first Coronavirus case was spotted as early as in November. Li Wenliang , a heroic Chinese doctor who was the first to spot the Coronavirus and warned China about the deadliness of such a virus was put behind the bars for making false and defamatory statements. Now we might be thinking why China put this man into the jail . Obviously we know that China is a communist country and the media and police work under its control , but that was not alone the case . Actually if we look a little deeper into the case, we will automatically be enlightened.
After few days army officials were deployed around the Wuhan Institute of Virology suggesting that something important was going on in the laboratory. But in the beginning of January, the existence of Coronavirus was known to the entire world yet the Chinese travelled all around the world , especially Italy ( which is the favourite tourist destination of the Chinese ) . Italy is now known as the ' Wuhan of Europe '. Actually all these things suggest that China was making biological weapons to destroy prosperous countries such as countries of Europe and especially USA ( where Coronavirus has killed over 500 people and infected thousands ) due to its fierce ambition of becoming the superpower of the world .

The truth is what most people don't know . In the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in October, a group of scientists were changing the genes of a simple flu virus to that of a dangerous virus which ought to have the same structure as that of SARS ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ) virus . The scientists had kept 400 bats as reference because bats have a wide range of very dangerous viruses inside them and they also have a strong immune system. The scientists were successful in engineering that dangerous virus which we know today as Coronavirus . They injected this virus into a bat to test whether their immune system can tolerate this virus or not. In the process , the bat bit one of the scientists due to which the Coronavirus entered into the scientist's blood and from there it bursted out to the whole world .

The Chinese government has been trying to suppress this because of the pact ( Biological Weapons Convention ) signed by the UN countries not to make biological weapons . Any country found out to make biological weapons can face bans and restrictions from UN . Therefore China has been spreading this myth of Coronavirus originating from the Wuhan Fish Market to hide its sinful face from the world .

Well now China has been returning to normal conditions with no domestic cases of Coronavirus for the last four to five days . This has suggested that China has built some vaccine against the Coronavirus. Maybe its due to social distancing and self-quarantine  of the people . But it is not possible that the spread of such a deadly would have stopped without the use of vaccine because China was the country in which Coronavirus originated. Maybe China does not want to share the vaccine with any other country due to ill ambition of causing deaths of people of other countries. But someday or the other, China would be obliged to pay heavy prices for its sins.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Top European teaching hospitals running out of coronavirus drugs

Top European teaching hospitals from Sweden to Italy have said they will run out of vital drugs for Covid-19 intensive care patients within two weeks, as Spain passed 10,000 deaths from the pandemic and the US reported record jobless numbers.

As confirmed cases neared a million around the world and deaths passed 50,000 despite almost half of humanity living in some form of lockdown, the hospitals said that unless countries cooperated to ensure a steady supply, the critically ill would soon be deprived of essential medicines.

Hospitals needed protective gear and ventilators but also drugs to treat intensive care patients, the European University Hospital Alliance said in a letter to governments. Stocks of muscle relaxants, sedatives and painkillers were likely to run out in two days at the hardest-hit hospitals and in two weeks at others, they said.

Germany told it needs to massively increase coronavirus testing

Germany still needs to increase its coronavirus testing rate dramatically if it wants to successfully manage the virus, scientists are advising the government.

The country has the capacity to carry out up to 500,000 tests a week, but must increase that to more than a million, or 200,000 tests a day, they say. This is despite other countries looking to Germany because of its comparatively high testing rate and relatively low death rate from Covid-19 of under 1%.

Coronavirus: the huge unknowns

With no vaccines or treatments and limited diagnostic tools, we face a tough challenge in the fight against Covid-19

Afew years ago, the World Health Organisation published a list of pathogens which it said needed urgent scientific attention. All were viruses, none had known treatments or vaccines, and all had the potential to trigger pandemics that could kill thousands – just as Ebola and swine flu did earlier this century.

The viral dangers outlined in WHO’s list included Nipah disease, as well as Lassa and Rift Valley fevers. Crucially, after much discussion, WHO experts later decided to add a new condition to this menu of maladies: Disease X.

Will Corona Virus End if Temperature Rises?

Coronavirus can remain active on dry surfaces for 8–10 days. Usually all viruses are inactivated or destroyed upon increasing heat, but the exact temperature for neutralizing COVID-19 cannot yet be estimated if the coronavirus survives in the human body at 37°C.

(COVID-19) virus has now spread to 110 countries, which has no vaccine or treatment yet. Dr. Laxman Jessani, Consultant, Infectious Diseases, Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai(India), says that it has been speculated that the increased temperature may kill the virus and also decrease the spread of the virus in early summer. However, scientists have no definitive answer on the effect of summer temperature on COVID-19. Most experts advised to take precautions to avoid this, while some said about the Coronavirus Outbreak from heat, coronavirus outbreaks are also seen in countries where the heat is high. In this case, nothing much can be said about this virus right now.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Prevent COVID-19, do you need healthy masks?

The entry of the Corona virus in Wuhan to Indonesia, makes most of the community panic. All ways are used to prevent the attack of COVID-19 disease, ranging from the use of hand sanitizer to mask. Request a high mask, making this item become super expensive, even up to 5-8 fold.

The question is, how potent is the use of masks to prevent COVID-19? Minister of Health (Menkes) RI, Terawan Putranto already said firmly, the use of masks to ward off corona viruses only applies to the sick. In short, healthy people do not need to use masks. So, really healthy people are not encouraged to use masks?

Facing the Corona Virus, it's a must and never do

Corona virus threats The cause of COVID-19 in Indonesia makes the majority of the community fret. The reason is obvious, this Corona Wuhan virus (SARS-CoV-2) has contracted over 95,000 global communities, killing more than 3,000 people.

The Government continues to encourage people to be prepared, rather than panicked half-dead to confront Corona viruses. The question is, how prepared are you? What needs to be done to minimize exposure to virus? Well, here's the thing to and do not do to fight corona virus cause COVID-19

Plague in China, it's a way of transmission of Pneumonia

Since last December, people in all parts of the world are worrying about cases of dangerous pneumonia that plague in China. Pneumonia is found to be different, because it is caused by a new type of coronavirus. This Virus is not proven to be contagious among human beings, but the disease develops very quickly, even has plunder some countries outside China.

Related to the treatment step, until now there is no powerful vaccine to overcome this type of pneumonia. This type of vaccine concern for coronavirus will take several years. Not only that, coronavirus is also known to be difficult to treat, because this type of virus is immune to the human immune system.

Here's the scheme of Pneumonia Virus transmission

The first coronavirus case was reported in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. Coronavirus itself is a large family of viruses that cause diseases, such as colds and respiratory tract infections from mild to severe. It can be said this virus can cause serious illnesses, such as SARS (acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome).

When reported, the medical party does not know clearly what the virus is causing the pneumonia-like disease. Seafood in Wuhan market is thought to be the beginning of the coronavirus spread. Not only in Wuhan, some countries also report on cases with similar suspect, namely Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, and South Korea.

Some of these countries have a direct contact with the Wuhan area. Thailand, for example, is found a virus from a traveler's body coming from Wuhan. Not just Bangkok, other destinations such as Hongkong, Tokyo, Singapore, Bali, Macau, Dubai, and Sydney become a favorite destination for Wuhan residents to travel. Arguably, the traveler from the endemic area that has been terkontaminasilah that carries the virus from the place of origin to the area to be visited.

Planning a vacation, look at some of these things

This Virus is being a plague and its spread can easily occur. For those of you who want to plan a trip to the countries that have been mentioned, be careful, yes! You can take the following steps to protect yourself against viruses that are in the middle of the plague:
  • Do not touch animals or birds.
  • Do not visit markets or farms.
  • Do not interact with the symptoms of airway infections.
  • See safety instructions before consuming food and always keep hands clean.
  • Use masks when traveling.
When you have complied with a number of security rules during the trip, you can meet with a doctor at the hospital after returning from the area you visit. Immediately meet the doctor if you have symptoms like fever.

Until this article is published, the Chinese and the WHO own parties have not announced the limitation of travel related to the outbreak. Nevertheless, a number of countries that have been mentioned have taken steps to prevent the entry of this virus by conducting an examination of the body temperature conducted at the airport.

In carrying out the prevention steps, some airports in some countries have begun filtering the traveler, especially those coming from endemic areas. In his own country, China has made a post used for body temperature inspection, right at the entrance of the airport main terminal.

Before traveling, all passengers without exception will be checked. If a fever is found on the body, the people with will be placed in quarantine. The same rules are done to tourists who want to visit their country.