Register Free Domains

For most people, getting the best free domain is certainly very desirable. Moreover, if you want to create a website with a …

Oct 27, 2020

Choosing a Name and Registering a Domain

Having the perfect domain name is a very important first step. The right domain name can instill a trust in your custome…

Aug 10, 2020

Domain Introductions

Domain and hosting are two things that cannot be separated. If you want to build a website, you'll need both. In th…

Aug 10, 2020

Types of Web Hosting

In general, there are 4 types of web hosting, namely Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosti…

Aug 10, 2020

Introduction to Web Hosting

Before going any further about web hosting, it would be nice if you get to know what web hosting is? and why do you need …

Aug 10, 2020

7 Best Free Web Hosting Without Ads This Year

To create a WordPress website, you need a domain name and web hosting. Between the two, hosting has a more expensive pri…

Jan 4, 2020

What is Web Hosting? Understanding of Web Hosting and its Types

Surely you are currently wondering, what is web hosting? Web hosting is an online service for online websites or web appl…

Dec 28, 2019

How to Make Your Own Hosting Server

For those of you who are not satisfied with paid general hosting services, maybe because the service is not good or s…

Nov 15, 2019

Plasa Hosting

Plasa Hosting is an information technology service that specializes in internet services, namely web hosting, domain, and…

Nov 15, 2019

Hosting server Indonesia

6 Ways to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Website The hosting service will later become a "home" for you…

Nov 15, 2019

How to Make Your Own Hosting

Definition of Hosting Hosting is a computer device that is a place for webmasters to store files or content on their…

Nov 15, 2019