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Introduction to Web Hosting

Before going any further about web hosting, it would be nice if you get to know what web hosting is? and why do you need a web hosting service?

All will be discussed in this chapter 1 so that you get a sufficient foundation to move up to the next stage.

What is Hosting?
Basically, web hosting is just a computer. A computer on which individuals or organizations place their websites.
Usually when talking about web hosting, it means that there is a company that provides space or a place on the computer (server) that is used to store website data.

It also provides internet connectivity so that other computers can access the files on the website.

Is it clear?

Umm .. I don't think it's clear until you realize that a website is actually a collection of computer files (such as image files, documents, audio, video ... etc) that are interrelated.

So how do you make a website consisting of computer files accessible to many people?

So we need a computer (which is usually called a server) with a high-speed internet connection.

So .... Once again, web hosting is just a computer to store data on a website.

Why Do I Need Hosting Services?

At this point you may ask questions like this:
If hosting is really just a computer for storing website data, then why do I need a hosting service? At home, I also have a computer with a high-speed internet connection?

Actually you can use your own computer at home. But it's not a very good idea, I mean it's a really bad idea.

What is the reason?

Below I give four reasons why it is almost impossible to save website data on your own computer.

Disadvantages of Using Your Own Computer

Unstable power supply

If your home's electricity goes out, your computer will shut down. Your website will also be down (inaccessible). After all, your home computer can't live 24/7, right?

Weak connection

While you may have a fast internet connection at home, it usually relates only to download speed, but not upload speed.

Because what the server needs is a high upload speed to send your website files.

Dynamic IP address

Home internet connections have IP addresses that change from time to time.

An IP address is like a home address.

Imagine your friend sends a package to your house, but your home address keeps changing, you can be sure that the package from your friend will never arrive.

Hardware maintenance is done by yourself

It could be that one time your home computer breaks, then it takes a long time to fix.

It may be several days or weeks before your computer can be used again.

During the repair, your website is inaccessible and worse, you may lose important files.

Advantages of Using Web Hosting Services

The power supply is always stable

The power supply in almost all web hosting services is always supported by an adequate generator engine, which can keep the server alive even in conditions of power outages.

Super fast and stable connection

In web hosting services, they have very fast upload speeds and can serve tens, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of visitors at the same time.

Static IP address

By using a web hosting service, you will have a dedicated IP that only you have, different from other users and never changes.

That means people will always find your website easily.

Hardware maintenance is carried out by a professional team

You won't worry about hardware maintenance, because the best web hosting providers have a team of professionals who can keep their hardware in good working order and in good performance.

The good thing is that most web hosting providers will create backup files for your website so that you won't feel anxious if the files on your website are lost or have errors.
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