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Tips and Tricks to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading

Tips and Tricks to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading
Tips and Tricks to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading - Fast blog loading is one of the most important factors in a blog, because this will make our blog visitors more happy because the page they want to open has a fast blog loading. And if you want to make your blog loading fast, there's no harm in using the tips that I will share in this article.

There are several factors that make loading our blog slow, for example using too much javascript, using lots of css and more. And this time I will try to share 4 tips so that your blog has a fast loading.

The following tips for loading your blog fast and of course can be liked by visitors to your blog.

Tips on Tricks to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading

1 Don't use too much javascript

The use of javascript that is too much will automatically make the loading of our blog to be heavy or long, and one of the tips to reduce your blog loading is by using enough javascript in terms of not using too much javascript.

2 Don't get too much css code

In addition to the use of javascript, if our blog contains a lot of css code, it will also affect the loading of our blog, so loading our blog becomes old. You can also apply tips from me to reduce the size of your blog's css, namely by compressing it.

3. Compress images on the blog

Images are also one of the reasons your blog has a long loading, the way to reduce the size of the blog is to compress it. You can use the RIOT software to compress your images.

4. Don't use background images

The use of images on the blog background will certainly affect the loading of our blog so that our blog will be accessed for a long time, the tips are do not use images on the blog background.

That's 4 ways to make loading your blog fast, sorry if there is a wrong word from me. may be useful.
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