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Understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
This time I will discuss a little about Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

'Among bloggers (Blogosphere), especially webmasters are certainly familiar with the name SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Yes SEO can be said is a method or method so that Search Engines or search engines index a website on the internet so that each search process using certain keywords / keywords through search engines can be displayed on the main page.

There are also those who claim that SEO is a very special process in building a successful website, the reason is because a commercial website will not be said to be successful if it cannot be found by search engines. This is a task and a challenge for webmasters to optimize a website by improving the structure of certain HTML tags on web pages.

Of course, how is it possible to bring visitors, increase visitors and get a ranking on the website if the pages of our website cannot be found by major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Live Search, etc.

It is true that new visitors can find a website from search results on Search Engines and Search Directories with certain keywords, the rest is possible by doing blogwalking etc. This is where the interesting challenge of learning SEO is because visitors come with certain keywords so they can find sites that are relevant to the keywords they type.

So for the promotion of a website, SEO is an effective way to increase traffic which will increase the number of visitors coming to our website.

Of the few SEO reviews above, it can be concluded about the functions and objectives of SEO, namely:

  •  Increasing the ranking of a website to always be indexed on search engines, so that our website can be displayed on the main page
  • Bring lots of visitors or visitors to our website through search results on search engines
  •   And many more functions and benefits of SEO are certainly good for our blog.

That's a little review from Me about Understanding SEO hopefully can add insight and our knowledge about the importance of SEO techniques for blogs. For those who want to add info about SEO, please fill in the comments column.

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