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SEO and Keyword Search on Google

SEO and Keyword Search on Google
SEO and Keyword Search on Google - Writing is easy, but to win search results the dominant search engine controlled by Google is difficult. Many novice bloggers say that overcoming SEO (Search Engine Optimation) competition is very difficult, is that right?

Actually it's not about dealing with SEO problems that need to be troubled. But think about what makes a website unique, valuable, or interesting. Make your website stand out from the others, then the search engine will understand your blog.

Overcoming SEO Competition

No need to bother to explore SEO, just understand the basics. Create useful and information-rich sites, and write pages that describe your content clearly and precisely. This will make your blog overcome SEO competition among fellow bloggers.

The above method is a foundation for creating content that will be liked by search engines, the content of information content that describes the explanation of the article will take precedence. This technique is the art of combining writing skills and knowledge about search engine optimization, that's the real SEO.

The importance of keywords

Noteworthy are "keywords", think of keywords that users will type to search for your page, and make sure that your site contains those words. This is in accordance with the direction of Google's webmaster guidelines.

Don't use keywords that are too greedy just to overcome SEO competition, but think of keywords that are symmetrical and relevant to the content and explanation. Create a page that prioritizes users and not search engines.

That way the keywords that you aim at will be natural keywords, read in the search algorithm and will be preferred by search engines.

Some important things in keyword placement

Keywords or keywords can even be a simalakama fruit, we can't just put keywords or too much in writing them. This method is not to overcome SEO competition and expect satisfying results in search engines.

At least you need to know the techniques for processing and placing keywords in the article, so that the results will be more satisfying.

1. Headline / title: As a magnet

This is very important, you can make a headline and viral or it's up to you that it's important to invite readers to be provoked and see the content you make. However, don't forget to place the word kuci in the title.

In addition, headlines or titles are a priority for search engines to recognize your content. Without the keywords you place in the title, search engine search results will not find your content.

2. Initial paragraph: Powerful keyword placement

The earlier you mention the keywords in the text, the greater the chance that your content will be crawled by search engines. The placement of keywords in this first paragraph should be before 100 words, you can insert it naturally as part of the article.

3. Sub Title / subheading (H2. H3 ...)

What I wrote is bold above is part of the subtitles or often also called the promoter. Its function is to further explain the article in more detail. With the subheading, the reader will remain focused on the topics included and not go astray everywhere.

Place one of the keywords in the subtitles, to further strengthen the main title as a detailed and detailed explanation.

4. Image: Not just fantasy

Although the images in the post are sometimes just an illustration, it will be very influential to overcome SEO competition in search results, especially image search.

Place keywords in the image and provide the appropriate description, so that the images in your post appear in google image search.

5. Internal links: Strong foundation of SEO offpage

Internal link is a link from one page to another page in the same blog / website, where the contents are still related or related. This is one way to overcome SEO competition and how to effectively improve SERP in articles.

You can place relevant keywords on the internal link and external link to strengthen the position of the article. In addition, Internal links will also add value and benefits to visitors to find out related information in the article.

6. Permalink: Short will be better

The content in each article has a different link or URL. Usually, the permalink will automatically build according to the title of the content. Permalink can be changed according to our wishes, edit permalink on your content and enter keywords into it.

A short permalink will be far better than the length, most importantly there are the main keywords that you are aiming at in the permalink.

Well, that's some of the most important things in overcoming SEO competition in search results on google. The most important thing is keywords, because without keywords Google won't recognize your content on search engines.

Those are some things about SEO that you need to know, and don't worry too much about other things. Keep writing and keep spirit. Happy Blogging
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