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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Course Editing Responsive Blogger Template

The following is a template in the form of a portfolio. As I use it Now. Course
Responsive Blogger Template. Responsive template with 1 column on the index page and 2 columns on the posting page.
For those of you who are curious, please check the features below

Mainframe Computer Systems and Multiprogram Batch Systems

Mainframe computer
processing large applications and data. With a very expensive price and its function also to process data and applications that are very large, Mainframe Computers can only be used by large companies as well as Government and Banks. Mainframes can serve hundreds and even thousands of users simultaneously. Besides being expensive, this computer consumes a large amount of electricity. Mainframe uses in the banking sector are for transactions and in the field of government are usually used for censuses, vehicle taxes, military purposes, research research.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainframe Computers

History of Computer Mainframes

The mainframe computer is a device created by IBM even though it was considered outdated in the 90s by its competitors, but until now mainframe products continue to grow rapidly and strongly.
For more than four decades, IBM has invested in developing and expanding the functional capabilities of computer equipment, including the latest technology platforms such as Linux, Java and Websphere. The first beginning of the development of computer mainframes occurred in the 60's which demanded data processing resources for various government activities.

A few years later, this tool has become an administrative tool for use in many local companies and government agencies because it can accelerate work and efficiency in greater administrative and operational procedures. Gradually they began to create their own data processing centers. Some versions of the famous mainframe computer are the IBM 165 version which has features with the largest data storage capacity in its time up to a capacity of 3 megabytes.

Until now, the development of computer mainframes continues to be developed, one of which is IBM Academic, which launched a variety of development programs that include more than 150 universities and institutions of higher education throughout the world. This is intended to equip professionals with special knowledge in mainframe technology and provide educational resources on IMB technology.
photo from
Many companies developing telecommunications equipment, especially computers, have developed computer mainframes to be even better and effective for personal and general use. Computer mainframes are the basis of the formation of various and types of computers circulating in the community.

For this reason, IBM from year to year has programs dedicated to young people and professionals to develop skills in the field of mainframes, and allow them to enter more easily into the labor market, as well as providing special skills to replace a technician who has already no productivity anymore. And according to the news already more than 50 thousand professionals who have computer mainframe skills throughout the world until now

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

THEBOEGIS.COMMainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion) - The following will be explained in a straightforward manner about what a Mainframe Computer is and what are the characteristics of a Mainframe Computer itself. And explained what is the difference between Mainframe Computers and Super Computers.

Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

Let's start by understanding the meaning of mainframes first.

Definition of Mainframe

Mainframe in English is a term of Information Technology that refers to the highest class of a computer consisting of several computers capable of performing many complex computing tasks in a very short period of time. Mainframes are generally widely used by users who are connected directly using the terminal.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Cara Merubah Tampilan Gambar Pertama Menjadi Cantik atau Membuat First Image

Hai semua !! Saya lagi gila2-an Membuat Artikel-  walau itu sudah banyak yang bahas ,maupun Artikel copy-an kali ini saya lagi nge gas2 nge- Posting..
Okey  kali ini saya akan membahas Tutorial : Cara Merubah Tampilan Gambar Pertama Menjadi Cantik atau Membuat First Image , tutorial ini sudah di bahas dengan salah satu Master Bogger yaitu ms Rhinokage Rio admin dari , Saya membahas ulang karena banyak nya perminta-an teman 2  Blogger untuk dibuat kan Tutorial First Image , padahal sudah jelas2 di bahas di

First Image ini terdapat 2 Versi yang pertama versi dari Template Invert Pro buatan dan yang kedua adalah First Image dari
- Ok .. langsun pada Pembuatan nya

Cara Mengirim Link atau Mengirim Permintaan Pengindeksan

Cara Mengirim Permintaan Pengindeksan pada Google Search Console Terbaru - kemungkina bagi par master2 udah basi dengan tutorial kaya gini tapi apa boleh buat daripada tidak membuat artikel !!!

Ok gk usa panjang lebar langsung aja 

1 . Buka Akun Blogger Anda , Klik pada SetelanPreferensi penelusuran > trus Klik edit pada Google Search Console , untuk memperjelas liat gambar di bawah

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Share Template Versi Kusam Viomagz 2.2 Redesign

Share Template Versi Kusam Viomagz 2.2 Redesign - Template ini adalah Versi lama yang pernah saya gunakan di blog ini , Karena suadah banyak versi di atas nya Maka saya mencoba mengedit Template ini , dan membagikan nya secara gratis . Ynag saya ubah disini adalah tampilan  footer, Popular Post , Label ,back to top , merubah tampilan pos halaman depan menjadi Grid dan banyak lagi , ada juga  saya menambahkan kolom Subscribe dan Dll jika sobat menyukai silahkan Klik tombol download di bawah dan Berikut fitur nya

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How personality tests can be used in the process of recruitment

All of you might have gone on to hear about personality tests in recruitment. Their popularity goes on to increasing and in fact they are considered to be one of the ways where you can obtain more information about a candidate without even having an idea about them. Yes we might interview them to find out more in details but this might not suffice. The personality tests for recruiters are useful but in order to achieve optimum results you have to be aware on how to use them.

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