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Friday, March 27, 2020

Benefits of Orthosiphon Aristatus for body Health

Ortthosiphon Aristatus belongs to the botanical family of Labiatae or Lamiaceae. This plant is known as the region Remujung, Sesalasean and Soengot Koceng.

Ortthosiphon Aristatus A glimpse of the rich name Ortthosiphon Aristatus Beneran Rich instead of medicinal herbs that I will explain maybe the shape of the same time yes the same whiskers cat Beneran. Ortthosiphon Aristatus is often used as a medicinal herb that is useful to treat various types of diseases that harm our health, then I will try to explain the benefits of the leaf Ortthosiphon aristatus below complete with the way.

Diseases that can be healed and how to use them as follows:

Bladder infections
The stone in the bladder 5-10 strands of the Ortthosiphon are boiled with half a glass of water and drink 2x a day.

Sick urinary Stones
4-7 leaves Ortthosiphon aristatus, 7 plants Meniran, boiled with 2 glasses of water to stay half, drink 3x a day.

Gout, uric acid
4-5 leaf Ortthosiphon aristatus, 4-5 plants Meniran, boiled with clean water until half the water lived and drink 3x a day.

The leaf Ortthosiphon aristatus and the Beluntas each 1 handheld, black cumin 1 teaspoon and 10 seeds, then boiled and drunk 2x a day.

Maybe it's some benefit of the benefits leaves Ortthosiphon aristatus which I can tell all may be beneficial. This whole plant or leaf can all be used for traditional alalmi treatment.

Benefits of pear fruit efficacy for body health

High Vitamin C content in pears is an important body ammunition to prevent the growth of cancer cells and keep the body's cells inevitable from damage.

Pears are one of the fruits belonging to the Pyrus family, a plant that is easily grown in various parts of the world. Behind the yellow fruit is slightly brownish and has brown spots there are many nutritional benefits and nutrient content that our body needs.

Intestinal health
Consuming pears directly without having to be grapefruit turns out to have more optimal benefits especially for intestinal health.

If you often experience difficult bowel movements try to consume pear. This fruit contains substances that are beneficial for the release of bowel movements.

Preventing cancer
High Vitamin C content in pears is an important body ammunition to prevent the growth of cancer cells and keep the body's cells inevitable from damage.

Sore throat
Pear fruit also has good efficacy to relieve sore throat. Create pear juice with a mixture of honey and drink warm-heartwarming to help the throat relief as again.

Now that's the benefit of pear fruit for health very much body and nutrients are very beneficial for our body health. Hopefully useful!!

Apple fruit benefits for health and beauty

Apple fruit can be utilized to improve brain intelligence. By regularly consuming apples the brain's memory will increase. So reading books that people read with Apple consumption every day will be absorbed completely and not easily forgotten.

Apple fruit is first planted in Central Asia, but nowadays many apples are buenabled in the whole world and in Indonesia itself there is a city with a distinctive apple fruit that is the city of Malang East Java, which is also known as the City of apples because the city is the largest producer of apples in Indonesia.

Apple fruit benefits and how to use them:

Educate brain content of acetylcholine in apples can be utilized to enhance brain intelligence.
By regularly consuming apples the brain's memory will increase. So reading books that people read with Apple consumption every day will be absorbed completely and not easily forgotten.

A healthy heart is a vital organ of human beings, if the heart is disturbed, the health of one's body is also disturbed. If you do not want to have problems with heart health you should start now consume the apples every day.

Prevents oily skin and acne How to: Mix grated apples with honey apply the Kewajah evenly, and let stand 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Since long ago tea is well known to have many benefits for health. By drinking tea can make the body more relax in the activity.  How to use it is to be shredded and then applied to the face evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse using warm water until clean.

This is the benefit of Apple fruit for health and beauty that is very useful to prevent diseases like above and for beauty especially for women to look beautiful.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Memasang Widget Update Virus Corona di Blog

Menurut situs organisasi kesehatan dunia, WHO, corona sudah ditetapkan sebagai pandemi. Seluruh dunia sedang dalam situasi gawat darurat. Oleh sebab itu sekecil apapun informasi tentang corona akan berharga bagi siapa saja.Termasuk Anda

Salah satu cara menyampaikan informasi tersebut, selain dengan menulis artikel informatif, Anda juga bisa memasang widget update status virus corona secara real time di blog.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Benefits of Insulin leaf efficacy for Diabetes disease

Diabetes is a disease that must be wary of Indonesian people. International Diabetes Federation mentions that Indonesia has entered into the 10 largest diabetics in the world. Diabetes is a disease that is strongly influenced by the lifestyle patterns, especially food patterns, as well as hereditary factors.

One therapy to treat diabetes are with insulin. But do you know that in Indonesia there is a plant known as Insulin leaf which is also very potent in preventing and treating diabetes naturally.

If you call Insulin leaf there are actually two types of plants called Insulin leaves are Paitan leaves or many also call it with the Rondo Semoyo, Kembang Bulan, Wood Paik, kipait or Harsaga. Meanwhile, another known as Insulin leaf is Yakon (pronounced: yakong) or the scientific name is Smallanthus Sonchifolius is a native of continental America from the Andes in Peru. This plant is new in Indonesia about 2-3 years ago so the name is still foreign.

The difference of Yakon plants has a tuber that has a good nutrient content and is very well consumed by diabetics. The brown tuber Yakon is similar in shape to cassava. The flesh is yellowish white and sweet. While the leaves are similar to celery leaf that can grow up to 3 meters.

According to researchers, Yakon is rich in insulin where each unit contains a fructose sugar that can not be digested but can be fermented by the colon.

The fructose content of the Yakon is 25% bonded and 35% free. So that this condition can prevent diabetics from hyperglycemia. Consuming Yakon will not allow for an increase in blood sugar levels. It also means that Yakon is naturally proven to have low calories.

Yakon has hypoglycemic effect so that it can lower the sugar in the blood. With 20 grams of dried yakon leaves are then dissolved with 200 ml of water heated for 20 minutes. After the water is cold, the ingredients are filtered then drinkable.

Yakon used as a tea, will have the effect of reducing the peak sugar levels when we eat foods that are sweetened or that contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Some ways of processing Yakon plants to treat diabetes include:
-The Umbinya can be eaten directly or cooked. Feels sweet. Eaten as a snack, or a sugar-made substitute for the kitchen, for those who are on a low calorie diet and diabetics mellitus.
-Leaves, 5 – 10 pieces boiled (do not use aluminum) with 6 cups of water, made 3 glasses.
Drunk 2 – 3 times a day.
The dose is adjusted to the blood sugar level and examined by the blood sugar check.
Insulin leaf Benefits:

Yakon leaves also have many benefits, such as:
  1. As a diabetic medication
  2. As an amplifier liver and drug liver problems
  3. As an antimicrobial to kidney and bladder infections
  4. As an antioxidant (especially on the liver)
Here are details on the benefits of insulin leaves to treat diseases that are very disruptive to the health of our body that you need to know in order to always use natural traditional medicines that are very efficacious treating the disease.