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New research, Corona Virus found in positive patient sperm

New research, Corona Virus found in positive patient sperm
Again the latest research around corona viruses shows surprising results. Apparently, this virus is found in the sperm of a positive man infected with COVID-19. Although it is small, it opens up a chance that corona viruses can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Quoted from LiveScience, this research found doctors at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital, China.

The researchers conducted a test of 38 men treated with corona virus infections. As a result, 6 of them have sperm with corona viruses.

Nevertheless, the research published in the journal JAMA Network Open is not yet certain its truth because only a handful of people are new in the test.

Advanced research is required to prove that sex relations may be instrumental in the spread of the COVID-19.

"This is indeed an interesting finding. But there should still be further confirmation of whether Corona viruses could actually stay in the male sperm or not, "said Dr Stanley Perlman, Professor Of Microbiology, immunology, and paediatrics at the University Of Iowa, who was not involved in the study.

In addition, it is unclear how long the corona virus survives in semen, considering the respondent's research still shows the symptoms of COVID-19 or newly recovered.

Moreover, there has been no other research that proves that this virus can survive on the sperm, even though the patient has been declared cured.

"The transmission of COVID-19 seems to be still much more likely through close contact, droplet and breathing, rather than through semen," said the researcher.

The testes, eyes, placenta, fetus and central nervous system so one part in the human body is protected from severe inflammation. This may be due to an immune adaptation that can protect the vital structural of these parts.

So, if it is found corona virus on male sperm, it needs to be researched further. Because if true, this condition is the same as the Ebola virus case.

Yes, the virus was found on a male sperm who had recovered from the disease for many years. This virus transmission can occur due to sexual intercourse.

"We do not yet know what the implications of recent findings. The presence of viral RNA in semen patients does not necessarily indicate the presence of infectious viruses. So, it is important to show whether the infection virus can also be isolated from the semen of the patient and the person who has been declared cured of the COVID-19, "said the researcher.

Responding to that, Dr. Devia Irine Putri said that until now there has been no definite research mentioning that corona viruses include sexually transmitted infections through sperm.

Generally, this transmission will occur when the couple make physical contact, such as kissing or embracing.

"Because it is uncertain, danger or not actually still unambiguable. But patients who have been declared cured, it is best to remain self-isolation in the first 14 days, "said Dr. Devia to Klikdoctor.
New research, Corona Virus found in positive patient sperm
After doing self-isolation, she added, do a retest to really prove that you have been negative of the corona virus.

Meanwhile, a viral disease expert, Dr. Muhammad Munir stated, having sexual intercourse with corona-positive patients is at risk of getting you infected. Only, the transmission is not transferred through the semen.

"Coronavirus is actually not the same as a sexually transmitted disease, which spreads with sexual intercourse. But when a person has sex, there will be a very close contact so that the possibility of transmission can happen, "said Dr. Munir, reported from the Guardian.

It is also justified Dr. Timurtini Limbong. According to him, by doing physical activity very near the corona sufferer, most likely you are infected.

"If sexual intercourse is the penetration of the penis into the vagina, the corona virus will not be transmitted. But if you have sexual intercourse, there are other physical contacts, such as kissing and hugs. That's what made a person to be infected with Corona virus, "said Dr. Sepri.
New research, Corona Virus found in positive patient sperm

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