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Alert! WHO warns the circulation of counterfeit Corona Virus drugs!

The positive case of Corona virus has now touched numbers 1.7 million more. It's a lie that society doesn't feel panic about it. Unfortunately, amidst the distress of the world, there are some who instead utilize this condition by selling a fake corona virus remedy!

Until now, there is no definite cure to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. All medications are administered only to suppress symptoms, while the efficacy of blood plasma therapy is being researched further.

Reported from, one of the experts of the World Health Agency (WHO), Pernette Bourdillon Esteve, explained that the value of counterfeit medicines in countries with middle income (developing countries) can reach 470 trillion rupiah!

This is all happening because of the increasing panic of society, so it is easy to believe that the medicines can cure Corona virus patients.

Please note, the counterfeit medicines referred to by the WHO are contaminated drugs, different active substances, and also drugs that have expired.

According to Pernette, the side effects of a fake corona virus remedy for cases that are "fortunate" are they do not feel any effects, be they positive effects as well as negative effects.

Meanwhile, for the case of no luck, the fake Corona virus drug has an effect that can precisely worsening the symptoms of COVID-19.

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In fact, these counterfeit drugs can cause other symptoms and damage the functioning of the body organs because the contents are contaminated and the active substances are different

Reported from AFP, the operations supported by EUROPOL have seized 4.4 million units of counterfeit medicines that claim to prevent and cure COVID-19.

In addition, the Food and Drugs Administration in the United States (FDA), also under way of encouraging religious institutions that sell fake corona virus drugs.

The FDA asks that they stop selling chlorine which is claimed to be "magic fluid" and can be used to cure coronavirus infections.

The liquid chlorine that is sold through the website of the religious institution is not another function as a pool water purifier.

In fact, if until consumed human, guzzling chlorine can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, and cause death.

 "Do not direct panic buying and buy this drug freely. The drug has side effects. Remember, chloroquine can have an impact on heart rhythm and eye disorders when the dose is incorrect or not adjusted to the physical condition of the sufferer! "said Dr. Alvin.

Beware, most commonly counterfeited chloroquine drugs!

Of the many drugs that are claimed to cure you from Corona virus infections, chloroquine is the most popular drug found on online sales sites and is most commonly counterfeited.

For those who have not been properly ngeh against chloroquine, this drug is actually used to cope with malaria.

So, this drug is not a new medicine that appears when the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, chloroquine is the old medicine that is now rising again! 

Actually, counterfeit Corona virus drug vendors will not profit if the community is not tempted to buy it. Therefore, consumers must have sufficient knowledge about the medicines to be consumed, the goal of not being easily deceived by the seller.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Alvin Nursalim, Sp. PD says, Chloroquine has not proven to cope with corona virus infection.

"Actually, this is still based on previous doctor's experience in other countries. Indeed, there is improvement in patients with this drug. So, in some cases corona that can not heal by itself or easily, given this medication, "he explained.

Nevertheless, Dr. Alvin has a message to the community, the drug can only be consumed when it has received further examination by the doctor.

Trust Corona Virus medication on medical experts

Need to be emphasized once again, vaccines and medications are sure to cure Corona virus has not been found.

All medications are administered to patients only to relieve the symptoms suffered, ranging from mild to severe levels. Essentially, never buy drugs that are labeled as corona virus drugs, both in pharmacies and online!

The medical world is now working hard to find the most effective prevention and treatment.

While waiting for the researcher to give good news, blood plasma therapy, that is to give blood plasma from patients who heal to critical patients are also being tested.

According to Dr. Devia Irine Putri, a blood plasma donor may be an alternative to therapy. Because, the cured person has a specific antibody that can help the healing process of COVID-19 patients.

"Yes, this can be helpful and a therapeutic choice. But, keep in mind also, nowadays, blood plasma therapy is also still in research. So, it can not be confirmed to be Corona virus drug.

Depending also on how severe the infection is, remembering each person's symptoms vary and the response to the therapy also varies, "said Dr. Devia.

Do not risk the safety of yourself and your loved ones by giving them corona virus counterfeit medication. The reason, the dangers or side effects of the counterfeit drugs are not playful. Instead of recovering from COVID-19, it could actually be fatal.

If the experts alone do not dare to claim a drug as a corona virus drug, it is certainly unwise that a layman like us feel already found the drug.

Entrust only Corona virus treatment to medical experts. Hopefully researchers immediately give good news about the development of vaccines and drug diseases that have claimed more than 100,000 people.

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