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World's Coronavirus epidemic havoc?

The world is undergoing a Global pandemic coronavirus infection. The number of people dying from coronavirus is increasing daily, so far more than one lakh 60 thousand lives have been lost due to this coronavirus and 23 lakh 31 thousand people are infected. While more than five lakh 97 thousand people have been cured.

Coronavirus Cases in India

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly across the country. So far, more than 15 thousand cases have been reported in the country. The death toll from the coronavirus in the country has crossed 500. According to the Union Health Ministry, by 8 am on Sunday (April 19), the total number of coronavirus cases in the country has risen to 15,712.

Within the country, the death toll from the Coronavirus has reached 507. In India, 2230 patients have been cured of coronavirus. At present 12,974 patients are being treated in hospital across the country.

Maharashtra is the most affected state with the highest number of positive cases in the country. So far, 3651 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Maharashtra. At the same time 211 people have died here from Coronavirus. 365 patients have also been cured from coronavirus in the state.

So far, 1893 cases have been reported in Delhi. So far 42 people have died in Delhi from Coronavirus. 72 patients have been cured from Coronavirus here.

So far, 1407 cases have been reported in Madhya Pradesh at number three. The death toll has reached 70 here. 127 patients have been cured in Madhya Pradesh.

So far 1376 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Gujarat. The death toll in the state has reached 53, while 93 patients have been cured here.

There have been 969 cases in Uttar Pradesh. The death toll from Coronavirus here is 14. 86 patients have been cured of coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Telangana has reached 809, while the death toll has reached 18. 186 patients have been cured from Coronavirus in the state.

Coronavirus cases in America

The epidemic that began in China in December last year has so far spread throughout the world. There have been 11,15,555 cases of infection and 97,985 deaths in Europe most affected by the epidemic. The epidemic is spreading rapidly in the US, becoming the largest epicenter of the epidemic. So far, there have been 7,06,832 cases of infection in the US, while 37,084 people have died. At least 60,523 people have recovered.

Italy is the second most affected country in the world, with 22,745 deaths and 1,72,434 cases of infection. Spain has reported 20,043 deaths and 1,91,726 infections. In France, there have been 18,703 deaths, while 1,49,146 cases of infection and 15,497 deaths and 1,15,299 cases in Britain. The death toll from the coronavirus in Iran is 5,031, while the total number of people infected is 80,860. There have been 4,632 deaths in China so far and 82,719 infection cases have been declared.
Coronavirus Cases in Europe
So far, there have been 1,115,555 cases in Europe and 97,985 deaths. The United States and Canada together have reported 7,38,706 cases and 38,445 deaths. Asia has reported 1,58,764 cases, while 6,837 deaths have occurred, West Asia has 1,19,462 cases and 5,452 deaths. Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have reported 91,699 cases and 4,367 deaths. There have been 19,674 cases across Africa, while 1,016 deaths have occurred and 7,835 cases and 86 deaths have been reported in Oceana.

Coronavirus cases in South Korea

Eight new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in South Korea on Sunday. After the arrival of new cases, the number of infection cases in the country has increased to 10,661 and 234 people have died, 8,042 people have recovered and they have been discharged from segregation. At the same time 12,243 suspects are being investigated.

Coronavirus cases in Iran

There have been 73 more deaths due to the coronavirus in Iran on Saturday (April 18), bringing the death toll in the country to 5,031.

In Iran, 1,374 new cases of infection were reported in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of infections to 80,860. Of the hospitalized patients, 55,987 patients have been cured and discharged, while 3,513 patients are in critical condition. However, the government of Iran has allowed small businesses to resume in Tehran after starting small businesses in several provinces last week.

Coronavirus Cases in Spain

The death toll in Spain on Saturday (April 18) due to Coronavirus exceeded 20 thousand. In the last 24 hours, 565 people have died in Spain while on Friday 585 people died of Coronavirus. Spain is among the countries worst affected by the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Cases in Indonesia

The number of coronavirus infections in Indonesia has crossed 6000 on Saturday. 325 new cases of COVID-19 have been registered in the country and with this the number of people affected by this deadly virus has increased to 6248 in the country. There have been 15 more deaths due to coronavirus in the country and with this the number of dead has increased to 335, the highest among South-Western Asian countries.

24 more people have been cured of this infection and so far 631 people suffering from this virus have been vaccinated in the country. So far, more than 12979 people have been screened in the country. It has 253 people from Coronavirus in Jakarta, 56 people in West Java, 49 people in East Java, 41 people in Central Java, 25 people in South Sulawesi in Benton, and nine in North Sumatra. The cause is dead.

Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan

Coronavirus cases have crossed seven thousand in Pakistan and 143 people have died so far.

Coronavirus Cases in Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Health reported on Sunday that a day earlier 568 new cases of coronavirus were reported, taking the total number of domestic cases to 10,361. A total of 11,073 cases involving 712 others from a cruise ship near Tokyo resulted in 174 deaths.

The first case was detected in Japan in mid-January, with cases taking two months to reach 1,000, but the spread of infection has accelerated in recent weeks and the number has doubled from about 5,000 in just 10 days.
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