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Baby in Tegal Kena Corona, new dad and uncle coming from Bekasi-Tangerang-Indonesia

The 9-month-old infant in Tegal Regency-Indonesia was deemed positively infected with the Corona virus or COVID-19. These baby Swab patients test results out on Saturday (18/4) night.

 "Even then the status is ODP, the patient still we take the swabs and new overnight results came out with positive indications. Therefore, this toddler we took another Shuttle from his house,  "said spokesman Task Force acceleration Handling COVID-19 Tegal District Dr Joko Wantoro to reporters, Sunday (19/4/2020).
Joko reveals that the baby lives in Kertaharja village, Pagerbarang Sub District, Tegal Regency. Previously, said Joko, the baby is a patient of RSUD Dr Soeselo Slawi with the status of people in Monitoring (ODP) Corona virus.

These patients were first treated in hospitalization on Monday, (6/4) then with fever complaints, cough, colds, and diarrhea. During the treatment week, patients were repatrised on Monday (13/4) due to improved conditions.

It is suspected that this virus transmission occurs by transmitting from nearby people. The results of the tracking of medical team in the health office of Tegal District mentioned that there are two people who can be contacted in one new house that comes from Bekasi and Tangerang, namely the father of toddlers and uncle.

 "Already done tracking by the medical team. There are two contact persons in one house, uncle of a toddler father. These two people just came from Bekasi and Tangerang, "he explained.

 "Secondly we set as an unsymptomatic person (OTG) and independently isolated in his home by applying physical distancing, wearing masks and a number of other health protocols, " Jelas Joko.

It is currently awaiting good fast test results. Independent isolation does not only apply to the father and uncle of infants but also all other family members living in the house.

 "If (Quick Test Aya and Uncle Baby results) Positive, then we will continue with the Swab test to prove that this local transmission has actually happened, " he concluded.
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