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Beware of New Symptoms of Corona Virus: Often Tingling Hands and Feet

Although there have been easing of territories in several countries due to the corona virus case which continues to go down even though it is not over, in fact this virus still shows increasing symptoms.

Everyone is still advised to maintain social distance and wear masks when traveling. Because, many people are infected with the corona Covid-19 virus without symptoms, but can still transmit the disease to others.

The common symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus are persistent cough and high fever. But, many people experience different symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus.

For example, some Covid-19 corona virus patients experience symptoms that affect brain function.

According to Havard Health, one specific neurological symptom is tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.

Meanwhile, researchers at JAMA Neurology, said confusion and delirium also included Covid-19 corona virus infection when it affected neurological function.

According to the National Health Institute, when someone recognizes or experiences a symptom of the Covid-19 corona virus, it's good to isolate themselves.

That is, a person is prohibited from traveling and locking himself from others to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 corona virus. Similarly, people who live under one roof, then need to isolate themselves.

"Anyone who lives together and anyone in the environment must also undergo a test if they experience symptoms of the corona virus," NHS was quoted as saying by Express.

We need to contact an emergency medical team if the symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus continue to worsen. Because, the criteria that show symptoms worsen, that is we feel more breathless, the symptoms are getting more and can not be overcome alone at home.

Don't forget to say all symptoms experienced when asked by medical experts. Also make sure your symptoms get worse as time goes by.

However, we don't need to go to the hospital if the symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus are mild and can be treated alone with home treatment or isolate independently.
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