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Facing the Corona Virus, it's a must and never do

Corona virus threats The cause of COVID-19 in Indonesia makes the majority of the community fret. The reason is obvious, this Corona Wuhan virus (SARS-CoV-2) has contracted over 95,000 global communities, killing more than 3,000 people.

The Government continues to encourage people to be prepared, rather than panicked half-dead to confront Corona viruses. The question is, how prepared are you? What needs to be done to minimize exposure to virus? Well, here's the thing to and do not do to fight corona virus cause COVID-19

Must and do for everyone

1. Must-do: hand wash

Wash hands for at least 20 seconds, several times a day. Use soap and water or a hand cleanser with alcohol at least 60 percent. It's the right time to wash hands, namely:
  • Before cooking or eating;
  • After using the bathroom;
  • After closing the nose when coughing, or sneezing.
2. Do not do: touching eyes, nose, and mouth

To prevent corona viruses, never touch the eyes, nose, or mouth when your hands are in a dirty state. Remember, the transmission of corona viruses can occur when the hand touches a virus-contaminated item, and then touches the eye or face.
3. Must-do: get acquainted with symptoms

Symptoms of a COVID-19 disease are practically similar to the flu. Therefore, identify the symptoms not to be mistaken. Then, what are the symptoms of COVID-19? Well, here is the symptoms according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19):
  • Fever (87.9 percent);
  • Dry cough (67.7 percent);
  • Fatigue (38 percent);
  • Production of phlegm (33.4 percent);
  • Shortness of breath (18.6 percent);
  • Sore throat (13.9 percent);
  • Headache (13.6 percent);
  • Nasal congestion (4.8 percent).
Well, already know the different symptoms of COVID-19 and flu, right? If you are still hard to distinguish the symptoms of COVID-19 with the flu, ask your doctor immediately. You can ask a doctor directly via Chat and Voice/Video Call or make an appointment with a doctor at a COVID-19 referral hospital that is close to your residence via the Halodoc app. Let's download the Halodoc app right now on the App Store and Google Play!

4. Do not do: wearing masks when healthy

The health Minister of INDONESIA, WHO, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has one vote on the use of masks. All agree that masks are only recommended for the sick. This mask can help them to protect others from the spread of viruses.

CDC says, healthy people in the U.S. are banned from wearing masks. The reason is, masks do not protect them from recent types of viruses. According to the U.S. Surgeon General (surgeon), the mask that is not properly used can increase the risk of infection.

Remember, currently demand masks in Indonesia, even the whole world is very high. Therefore, give a mask to people who really need it, such as a sick person or a medical officer treating corona virus patients.

5. Must-do: stay away from crowded places

Consider taking extra precautions. For example, avoid crowded places when you are sick or over 60 years old (elderly). According to research from the Chinese government, elderly and chronic disease, have a higher risk of being infected with Corona virus.

6. Don't do: travel when sick

To prevent the spread of corona viruses, you should not travel if you are sick, fever, or experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19. If you are sick while on board, immediately notify the crew. After arriving at your destination, meet the doctor to get the right treatment.

7. Must-do: avoid impacted countries

Reconsider, or do not travel to the countries affected by Corona virus. Currently the spread of COVID-19 has reached more than 70 countries. CDC advises to avoid unnecessary travel to China and South Korea.

Especially for people in high-risk groups (elderly and chronic disease), take a trip to Italy, Japan, and other countries affected.

8. Don't do: panic

The Indonesian Government, through President Joko Widodo, urged the people to stay alert, calm, and not panic in the face of Corona virus. Take the appropriate precautions like the above. You can also inquire directly with a doctor or other professional through a telephone connection provided by the Government. The following is the COVID-19 hotline provided by the Government, namely:
  • 119
  • 021-5210411
  • 0812 1212 3119
9. Should be done: drug preparation and disinfectant

Make sure you have supplies of medicines and disinfectants at home. If a family member has a sick, give a symptom medication that is sold freely, then immediately meet the doctor in the hospital. Disinfectant aims to clean the surface of a virus-contaminated object from the sick.

According to research, the latest Corona virus or SARS-CoV-2 can persist on the surface of objects, for several hours to a matter of days. Clean the vulnerable objects of the virus regularly. For example, a doorknob, a smartphone, a stair handle, and a phone.

Must and do when sick

1. Should be done: immediately meet the Doctor

You should find a doctor if you have fever, cough, shortness of breath, and other COVID-19 symptoms. Use masks to minimize the risk of spreading viruses to others, when going to clinics or hospitals.

2. Don't do: Quit the house

Never leave the house in a sick state, except to see a doctor. If you go out in a sick state, avoid public transportation to prevent the spread of viruses.

3. Must-do: Learn the ethics of true cough

When coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth and nose using elbow or tissue curves. Then, dispose of the tissue to a closed trash.

4. Don't do: hang out with family or friends

Any events or other activities you may have planned. In short, don't travel or hang out with friends or family, if you're in a sick state. Especially if the pain shows the symptoms of COVID-19. Try to stay in the room and use the separate bathroom whenever possible.

Avoid also playing with pets. Some time ago, rumored the first case of the transmission of Corona viruses from humans to animals (dogs) in Hong Kong. However, experts at the CDC say they don't know for sure if a pet can be infected with the Corona virus.

5. Must-do: Wear masks

If you are sick, you must wear a mask. Make sure you wear the mask correctly. The use of masks for the sick can minimize the risk of spreading the virus to others around it.

6. Do not do: drink antibiotics

Do not consume antibiotics when the complaint leads to the COVID-19. Remember, antibiotics only work on diseases caused by bacteria. While the COVID-19 is caused by Corona virus type SARS-CoV-2.
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