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Plague in China, it's a way of transmission of Pneumonia

Since last December, people in all parts of the world are worrying about cases of dangerous pneumonia that plague in China. Pneumonia is found to be different, because it is caused by a new type of coronavirus. This Virus is not proven to be contagious among human beings, but the disease develops very quickly, even has plunder some countries outside China.

Related to the treatment step, until now there is no powerful vaccine to overcome this type of pneumonia. This type of vaccine concern for coronavirus will take several years. Not only that, coronavirus is also known to be difficult to treat, because this type of virus is immune to the human immune system.

Here's the scheme of Pneumonia Virus transmission

The first coronavirus case was reported in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. Coronavirus itself is a large family of viruses that cause diseases, such as colds and respiratory tract infections from mild to severe. It can be said this virus can cause serious illnesses, such as SARS (acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome).

When reported, the medical party does not know clearly what the virus is causing the pneumonia-like disease. Seafood in Wuhan market is thought to be the beginning of the coronavirus spread. Not only in Wuhan, some countries also report on cases with similar suspect, namely Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, and South Korea.

Some of these countries have a direct contact with the Wuhan area. Thailand, for example, is found a virus from a traveler's body coming from Wuhan. Not just Bangkok, other destinations such as Hongkong, Tokyo, Singapore, Bali, Macau, Dubai, and Sydney become a favorite destination for Wuhan residents to travel. Arguably, the traveler from the endemic area that has been terkontaminasilah that carries the virus from the place of origin to the area to be visited.

Planning a vacation, look at some of these things

This Virus is being a plague and its spread can easily occur. For those of you who want to plan a trip to the countries that have been mentioned, be careful, yes! You can take the following steps to protect yourself against viruses that are in the middle of the plague:
  • Do not touch animals or birds.
  • Do not visit markets or farms.
  • Do not interact with the symptoms of airway infections.
  • See safety instructions before consuming food and always keep hands clean.
  • Use masks when traveling.
When you have complied with a number of security rules during the trip, you can meet with a doctor at the hospital after returning from the area you visit. Immediately meet the doctor if you have symptoms like fever.

Until this article is published, the Chinese and the WHO own parties have not announced the limitation of travel related to the outbreak. Nevertheless, a number of countries that have been mentioned have taken steps to prevent the entry of this virus by conducting an examination of the body temperature conducted at the airport.

In carrying out the prevention steps, some airports in some countries have begun filtering the traveler, especially those coming from endemic areas. In his own country, China has made a post used for body temperature inspection, right at the entrance of the airport main terminal.

Before traveling, all passengers without exception will be checked. If a fever is found on the body, the people with will be placed in quarantine. The same rules are done to tourists who want to visit their country.

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