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Advantages of computer Mainframe you need to know

The use of mainframe computers is currently only intended for private companies or government agencies. Because mainframe computers have a large enough size to place various supporting equipment, the user needs to create a special room to maintain and run the computer.
Despite its enormous size, the mainframe computer's excess of other types of computers is that it has more than one processor number. Obviously all of them can provide a much greater working speed rate of up to 1 Giga operation per second. Therefore, the price is made for the mainframe computer one unit is very expensive.
Another advantage of mainframe computers is that it can be used directly by many users in a single network. With such function, no wonder mainframe computer is used for business, office or government. Users also don't have to mess around to use the app at the same time, as mainframe computers have such versatility.

Usually mainframe computers use time sharing technology for the storage process or data retrieval – data from the processor. That's why it performs a little longer when compared to ordinary types of computers. The biggest drawback of mainframe computers is evident in the effectiveness of cost spending, which this computer requires large electrical power and can certainly result in a huge expenditure anyway.

In the development of computer technology to this day, many computer users are starting to switch using computer type PC or personal computer. This computer has a smaller size than the mainframe computer, it already supports the interface of the GUI, it is easy to operate for the layman, and of course the cost of maintenance and purchasing is very cheap.
The development of mainframe computers is now increasingly dimmed due to the emergence of various computer technologies that are more advanced and concise to perform various kinds of work more easily, although there are still some large companies who use it, as they will easily secure a wide array of data – important data. Ask a few discussions about the advantages of mainframe computers that we can inform you for, hopefully helpful.
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