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10 SEO Tips For New Blogs

10 SEO Tips For New Blogs
10 SEO Tips For New Blogs - Search Engine Optimization more popular people talk about in the world of web blogging is a crucial part of directing customers, and potential customers to your business site, SEO is more likely to be art than just knowledge, Here I will discuss in detail about SEO.
Every new and old blog / website must be able to draw attention to how the audience towards our website or blog must be something you should pay attention to, whether they come by typing in the browser url or they click the link that appears on other blogs / websites.

Or do they find search engines, which should be known by the new website so that the website owner can grow the traffic, for those of you who just created or set up, must read this section, but if you are not a new part, then this section can be defined missed strategies.

Here are some strategies we must know for websites to grow traffic:

1. Show Expetasi

The new website has not been trusted, there are still a few pages that it has. and still a little more unique content that he saved, surely you will not necessarily get high traffic either by using SEO or using paid search.

For new websites must also focus on long-term plans, you must have a plan to build trust, consistently create optimized content, and most importantly, it is easier for prospective customers to find your website

2. Building Trust

New websites that have not won the trust of search engines must be divided, There are various ways to make your website eligible to trust only by creating content you must consistently create content so that it can produce more links to your website.

It would be better if you could gain trust from a large website.

If they are willing to link yourself to your authority, to build up the trust that comes from university Edu Domains, or Ac, profitable organizations (Domain Org) or large companies will show that they believe in your website.

In the mind of the Seach engine, if the university believes in your website, then it means your website can be trusted, so that the search engines will also trust your time

3. Must be an Expert

In the early stages of an SEO strategy, you will not see increased traffic on your time. focus on long-term plans, where you can become a giant through SEO, the thing you have to do is become an expert in a particular field.

If you become an expert in a particular community, then you will generate a link from another website on the website, the website owners need a trusted source and the link should be directed to your website. when seach engine sees that there are many links to your website, the search engine will start thinking that the website is an expert in the field.

In fact, Seach engine uses expertise as one factor in ranking pages in its search results.

4. Create Content

Content creation is an important thing to be done by all websites, there are three things that you must consider in creating content:

You have to make content as often as possible to balance the speed of content creation with the quality of the content produced, and not just rely on SEO, you also have to have strategies to promote content effectively and strategies for building links for the content you produce

5. Build Inbound Links

In addition to fokos so that more websites link your authority, you also have to build links to your website, aka inbound, making sure the link that you make is as natural as possible with inbound links you can connect content so that customers will find what you have written more easily.

6. Exist on Social Media

Previous social media has never been discussed in SEO strategies, but times have changed and inevitably seo strategies also have to pay attention to social media conversations, goggle has now crept into conversations tweeted and other social media, as other engines also follow what has been done by google, a website must be involved in social media conversations because search engines will use conversations there as one of the determinants of the quality of a website

7. Link yourself to another website

SEO is a strange thing for new website owners, where they will be filled with lots of questions about SEO, one of the pride of new website owners is whether they have to link themselves to another website, some websites try to link up and do not link to other websites, in fact it is difficult for another website that has been established to ask to link yourself to a new web.

8. Create More Links

To overcome the lack of links from outsiders you can run tricks on the website by creating more links on the page so that the webblog page will be ranked faster by search engines.

9. What Do You Want From SEO

Being in the top 10 or even the top 5 on sharing search keywords must be the main goal for your website, if you can achieve this goal with your new web in a short time then you have made a big profit.

10. More colorful

Traditional SEO only deals with how to write content, the content on the website has shifted not only containing writing but also including videos and managing channels on youtube and has been linked to content strategies on their websites including videos into blogs or websites without forgetting text content , The fact is that most people on a web accompanied by photographs, or videos are not just boring writing.

Such is the long review from I. Hopefully it can be useful, if there is a shortage of my article, maybe my friend can add it to the comments column. greetings Happy blogging.
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