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Article Causes Not Indexed on Google

Article Causes Not Indexed on Google
Cause of Article Not Indexed on Google - Blogger buddy, just to the point. Why arearticles not indexed on Google and missing from the SERP list? What are the complex causes for this problem? It feels very disappointed, I want to scratch the walls or roll in front of the terrace. Well it's up to you to express the frustration in what version, it's your style.

But beforehand I will explain in advance the differences in articles not indexed by Google and articles not found, many are mistaken about this. And this is a short explanation (including the deindex article)

Articles Not Indexed (missing from SERP)

This article is actually still in the post on your blog, and you can also open it directly in your own posts. But this article cannot appear on the Google page or disappear from the SERP, even though you have randomly scrambled it with the keywords you are targeting. 

Automatically this article cannot be accessed by visitors who come from google search engines. Usually articles not indexed or missing from SERP are only partially, not all.

Deindex article

If it's deindex status, it means that all of the articles that don't exist can appear on the google search page. Usually blogs that are exposed to the problem of deindex are blogs that violate all webmaster provisions, apply excessive optimization and use blackhat SEO techniques. So that it was punished by Google.

Article Not Found (page not found 404)

This article is lost because it is caused by broken links, incorrect redirect results or admin errors that accidentally delete active links from duplicate content, comments, or incorrect editing results. 

Usually a "page not found 404" notification will appear if you happen to open the link. For this type of article some can be fixed so that it does not display error messages anymore. 

Well now what we are discussing is the cause of the article not being indexed on Google, what is the problem so that the articles that we have written painstakingly do not appear on the google search page. Though this article originally appeared on the Google page and occupies the best position.

Causes of Articles Not Indexed and Missed from SERP

Articles have the same title

Strict competition in creating articles and topic categories that are posted inadvertently have the same title in the article, even almost every day hundreds to millions of articles are published. 

If your article is not competitive, then the position of the article can be dropped from the SERP and slipped away from the search page and finally disappeared from the SERP and not indexed again. 

Tips for this problem are creating unique titles in the article, variations with longtail keywords or making long titles. Make a much better quality article so that the SERP position can survive and not be easily shaken. For a good standard of article quality is a minimum of 600 words, if still guided by 300 words, there is still a lot of competition.

Applying the wrong SEO on page

To further increase the SERP we can implement SEO onpage, one of which is building an internal link. That is a link that links articles to other articles in a blog. But not always the internal link is useful for blogs, because the inappropriate application of internal links will worsen the condition of the blog in the eyes of Google.

Your backlink is considered spam

Don't you think that backlinks are forever good for blogs, now Google doesn't consider backlinks as a reference for a blog. Only quality backlinks are still a priority and raise a blog to a better level. 

This condition will be broken if it turns out that the backlinks that you can actually count as spam. How come it works? Find the answer in the article below.

Regarding articles not indexed by robot.txt

If we apply a txt robot to block a page from appearing on a google page, this doesn't need to be discussed. Because the task of the txt robot is to block certain pages from being indexed on Google pages. 

Well that is why the articles are not indexed and missing from the SERP page, it is really difficult for today's articles, besides a lot of competition between blogs, our blogging activities and activities are always monitored by Google. Just a little can be evicted. 

Well that's the name of competition, who is the best he will become champion. May be useful.
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