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How to Improve Domain Authority

How to Improve Domain Authority
How to Increase Domain Authority - Domain Authority or Domain Authority, or like Google calls it, 'Online Business Authority', is an important factor for Google ranking. Then what is Domain Authority?

No one knows exactly what indications Google uses in ranking and popularity, reputation or trust in a Domain or Online Business outside of Google. I myself actually see it for sites that are popular, reputable and trusted - where they can be faked of course.

The Importance of Domain Authority

Most online domain authority / business owner sites have many links to them - this is certain - that is why link building has traditionally been the most popular and popular tactic - and with these links is usually calculated by most third party tools as pseudo domain scores and authority. 

In the past domain authority and 'trust' ratings were given on a large scale to sites that were very successful in the sense that they had gained many links from reliable sources, and also from other online business authorities. 

SEO itself is more often talking about trust domains and domain authority based on the number, type and quality of incoming links to the site.

How to get a domain authority

How do I get a Domain Authority? 

Actually, every site can also get domain authority by building a satisfying brand or service and many people need it and usually, lots of useful content on your site. 

Examples of trusted domain authorities include Wikipedia, W3C and Apple.

How to Utilize Domain Authority

How to use the authority of your online business? 

As long as your brand is large ... either by using God-level SEO methods or filling your site with lots of information - for example posting lots of quality content every day on any subject ... Google will rank you. 

EXCEPT - If what you publish is considered low quality and not relevant for your domain then don't expect it to appear in Google search results. 

The Quality Score developed by Google can be the answer for Google for this kind of abuse of historical domain authority.

From here we can see and imitate what big sites have domain authority according to Google, and why Google ranks high in search results, including providing services, content and user experience. 

Of course this requires a lot of time and resources, even if only imitating. 

Actually content is the only way for a sustainable online business and to reach the trust of users at least in the local niche. 

Admittedly efforts to build focused backlinks can help improve site ranking, and of course you must try to promote your site to others.

Getting backlinks from relevant domain authority can boost your ranking in search engines

Branding as a Solution

Having quality content, long articles are a good way to improve SEO. 

If 'branding' you get high trust in the local niche, or many are referred well by other authority sites, Google will be happy to give a good rating. 

Why is that? 

Because Google believes you won't spam and fill content pages with nonsense and make Google look stupid in the eyes of users. 

When Google gives so much authority and trust to a domain, then as an owner you should be very appreciative of it too, because that means 'money that will flow to your coffers'.

Keep content relevant to the topic, unless you produce high-quality content, of course and don't let the Google algorithm detect any improper practices.

Get Links from Domain Authority

Where do quality backlinks come from? 

Getting backlinks from authority domains or high page rank sites with relevant topics means "Quality Backlinks" 

It sounds easy but getting quality backlinks is not easy, here's the point. 

Isn't our goal to make a site to raise business brands online?

Does Google Prefer Branding in Organic SERPs?

Large brands have their own advantages and are embedded in the Google ecosystem, and this is very difficult for small sites. 

When compared to there are more small businesses than giant sites with big brands that can benefit Google. 

It's hard to imagine that a system like Google was improperly designed to rank in their search results. 

And the fact is that the first page of Google is filled with BIG BRAND with high rank because their content is at the level of domain authority. 

For small sites ... does it still work? 

"Why not ..." 

Small businesses can still succeed if they remain focused on strategies based on depth, not the extent of the ocean on the internet.

By knitting structured content from page to page in a site or blog that is owned little by little will boost your popularity in cyberspace. 

Although almost all the main keywords for both products and services are occupied by many big players, market products that are still few or no competitors. 

Just search on Google, there are still many types of businesses and products that are not loaded with competitors so even though we are still small in the vast sea of ​​the internet, you will look great and always win the hearts of prospects and potential users who come through search engines.

Does Domain Age Affect Google Ranking?

A 7-year-old domain that Google does not recognize is the same as having a new domain. 

But if a website that has been referenced and linked to by other sites for 7 years will look more authoritative and trustworthy. 

Of course Domains like this are very valuable right? 

But that becomes a ranking factor in search engines not the age of the website itself. 

If the domain is only one year old but is deferred and linked by authority sites, it will be as valuable as even more valuable than a domain that is 7 years old. 

Maybe the domain age also plays a role if other factors take into consideration in influencing search engine rankings.

In conclusion, all components are involved in the factors and conditions of a site's ranking in search engines. 

Other Factors Affecting Domain Ranking:

  • Domain age; (effect if along with other factors)
  • Domain registration duration; (Valuable and legitimate domains are usually paid for the next few years, while unclear domains are rarely used for more than a year) - paying domains for several years in advance usually to keep the domain from being taken over and used by others, this also becomes Google's consideration factor for the authority of a domain.
  • Domain Registration Information is hidden / anonymous; (might be considered a spam domain)
  • Site top level domain (TLD) (geographic focus, for example com versus;
  • Other site level (TLD) domains (eg .com versus .info); (depends)
  • Sub domain or root domain? (depends)
  • Domain history in the past domain (how often IP changes); (depends)
  • Previous Domain Owner (be careful if you buy a used domain) (depends)
  • Keywords in the domain;
  • IP Domain; (depends - for the most part, no)
  • Geographical targeting setting (target country) on Google Webmaster Tools
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