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How to install live links on comments

How to install live links on comments

How to Install Links on Life Comments - Bloggers who like to look for backlinks, especially through the comments column, are certainly no stranger to this method, which is a way of commenting on other blogs by inserting live links in hopes of getting backlinks from those who commented or blog owners.

On this occasion Wiendhy will review how to install a live link or active link in the blog comment column. But there's nothing wrong to try it right?

Please remember before applying this method you should read the rules commenting on the blog that you want to comment on, because not all blog owners give freedom in commenting especially embedding links in it, of course for various reasons and we must be able to respect and respect the rights as blog owner.

Well if there are no problems and blogger friends want to make a live link on comments as a means of promotion or get a backlink the way is very simple:

<a href="">Friend's Comments Here</a>

You only need to replace the text marked with the URL and the comment text that you want to display in the comment column. Please note when commenting must be in accordance with the article being discussed, because if it is too deviant and excessive in promotion, usually the admin or blog owner do not hesitate to delete your comment.
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