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How to Know the Page Authority and Domain Authority

How to Know the Authority Page and Domain Authority of Your Blog - Page Authority (PA) and domain Authority (DA) are parameters used by bloggers to measure the quality of their blogs, because with PA and DA, we can find out how much authority or manager quality is from our blog.

Page and domain authority are influenced by several factors, such as the age of the domain, the quality of the backlinks of the blog, blog visitors, and the quality level of the blog itself.

Well, at some time ago there was an assumption that the PageRank was dead, of course this opinion was based on a reason, namely the length of time for renewal of PR, in contrast to PA and DA that were updated every time. 

Therefore, recently most bloggers have begun to switch to using Page and Domain Authority as parameters when compared to before using Page Rank. 

Basically PA and DA are parameters created by which is one of the leading internet marketing sites in the world. 

However, are you interested in using PA and DA? Are you still loyal to using PR? The choice is yours, in fact everything is the same as measuring the quality level of a blog.

Well, if you want to try to find out page authority and domain authority, you can use 2 ways, the first is to install mozbar ( or check it online. 

To find out the page authority and domain authority online, you can visit , now you just have to enter the address of the blog that you want to check PA and DA, then click Perform Check , then the system will automatically output the results. 

How, it's easy not to know the Page and Domain Authority of our blog? 

Such is information about how to know the Blog Authority and Domain Authority Blog, may be useful.
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