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How to Prevent and Overcome Copy Paste from the AGC Blog

How to Prevent and Overcome Copy Paste from the AGC Blog
How to Prevent and Overcome Copy Paste from AGC Blog - What is an AGC Blog?
AGC Blog (Auto Generate Content) is a blog that contains articles that copy and paste from other blogs. The AGC blog stole articles by post automatically. So, the system that the AGC blog uses to steal articles is by auto-posting articles from the target blog to the AGC blog via blog feeds.

The method used by the AGC Blog is to use certain plugins or just by utilizing the automatic post feature on blogger. Later, it will be assisted by the reader site feed format, which is an aggregator site or RSS reader on the internet to send feedback from other blogs to the agc blog.

Impact on Blogs that Become Victims of the AGC Blog

It can be said that blogs that are victims of the AGC Blog will be greatly disadvantaged. Why not? this will result in a decrease in blog traffic accompanied by duplicate content.

Especially if the AGC Blog that targets your blog has a safe place on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You can article that is the original article will be defeated by the article copy of the AGC blog on serp order placement.

How To Overcome Or Prevent Article Theft By AGC Blog

I. Make a Sparated Feed

This is enabled to create separate feeds by closing the default feed on our blog, then switching it to FeedBurner. Feedburner is a parent site that is managed by Google to store feeds sent to it from all the websites on the internet, then send it back to all aggregator sites.


1. Visit the Feedburner Site
2. Enter your blog's default feed url on the Feedburner site
3. Next step click Next

II. Make Summary Feeds

The second step is to make a short feed format.


1. Make sure you are still signed in on your blog FeedBurner. Click Optimize, then click Summary Burner.

2. The next step is to determine the number of bait characters. You can enter 30 characters or 60 characters. After that, write down the description of the feed for the readers and insert the address of your blog. The goal is that the auto blog can help us to promote our blog url.

3. Click Active.

III. Switch the Default Blog Feed

The final step is to switch the blog feed feed to FeedBurner.


1. Login to your blog, click Settings and select Other.

2. See the "Site feed" setting. Set "Allow Blog Feed" to be Short or Summary. After that, enter the FeedBurner url that you created earlier in the "Posting URL Changing Feed Directions" section.

3. Click Save and finish.

How to get a Feedburner Url?

It's easy, just visit the feedburner blog that you created earlier, then click "Edit Detail Feed" at the top. See the feedburner url in the "Feed Address" section.


We recommend one feedburner for one blog. If for example you enter 3 blogs in one feedburner account, then the number of feeds must also be 3 feeds only. This is done to allow for no loopholes that the AGC Blog can use in committing its crimes.

Results obtained
Copaser of the AGC Blog owner must be cured because the article sent is only that. If you want to please copy it manually until the tingling of the fingers, after the finger tingling immediately report to the Google DMCA so that he can heal.

Now this article about How to Prevent and Overcome Copy Paste from the AGC Blog. Please give your comments before applying the above method. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you.
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