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How to Sort Blogger Comments from the Latest

How to Sort Blogger Comments from the Latest
As we know, blogger comments generally sort comments from old comments that are above positions and new comments that are at the bottom. Now what if the latest comment position is reversed? Spill? 😅 it's not ... The position of the comments is sorted from the latest, so the position of the latest comments will be above the old comments.

How to? The method is very easy, please do the easy steps below.

How to Sort Blogger Comments from the Latest

Here I use the reversed HTML tag which allows to sort comments from the latest, such as the features in the Disqus comment system. Although the Disqus comment system is indeed more rich in features, but if you are more comfortable using the Custom Blogger comment system, there is no harm in trying this trick.

As usual, open Blogger> Click the Theme menu> Click the Edit HTML button, then look for all the code below

<b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>

Replace all the above code with this code

<b:loop reverse='1' values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>

Then click the Save Theme button and finish.

The key is in the code that I mark, please add the code to other markups that have OL or UL list tags.

I tried this trick and succeeded for the Blogger Custom comment system, but after I tried it, the default Blogger not Custom comment system didn't work properly. For the results, you can check the link below.
That's simple tips How to Sort Blogger Comments from the Latest, thank you for visiting and greeting.
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