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Some Types of Cursors on Blogger

Some Types of Cursors on Blogger
Some Types of Cursors on Blogger - When visiting a blog sometimes you find different cursors when choosing on one of the links / items for reasons of variations in blogs or other, below the CSS code:

ValueDemo CursorWriting
defaultExample (Hover)cursor : default
crosshairExample (Hover)cursor : crosshair
handExample (Hover)cursor : hand
pointerExample (Hover)cursor : pointer
Cross browserExample (Hover)cursor : hand
moveExample (Hover)cursor : move
textExample (Hover)cursor : text
waitExample (Hover)cursor : wait
helpExample (Hover)cursor : help
n-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : n-resize
ne-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : ne-resize
e-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : e-resize
se-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : se-resize
s-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : s-resize
sw-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : sw-resize
w-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : w-resize
nw-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : nw-resize
progressExample (Hover)cursor : progress
not-allowedExample (Hover)cursor : not-allowed
vertical-textExample (Hover)cursor : vertical-text
all-scrollExample (Hover)cursor : all-scroll
col-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : col-resize
row-resizeExample (Hover)cursor : row-resize
For users, please insert one of the cursor types above as needed. As an example :

cursor:hover {
color:#fff !important;
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