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Do not consume too much of this food, if you do not want to be affected by kidney stones

Do not consume too much of this food, if you do not want to be affected by kidney stones
THEBOEGIS.COM – Many do not know if the most important cause of kidney stone disease is eating. Hem, about whatever type of food that needs to be shunned so as not to be attacked by kidney stones? To be more detailed, it is better to see Limit 7 Foods That Cause Kidney Stone Disease below:

1. Caffeine 
Caffeinated drinks are indeed delicious, but if very excessive can cause kidney stones. Why is that? Because caffeinated drinks can increase the calcium content in urine to strengthen the kidney's strength. Caffeinated drinks that need to be limited, including: tea, coffee and soda.

2. Artificial sweeteners 
Research says that consuming artificial sweeteners in a long period can damage kidney function. Therefore, try to use
natural sweetener which is better and friendly to the body, for example: honey.

3. Meat 
The content of protein and uric acid in meat
can result in the formation of kidney stones which can cause damage to the kidneys. Why is that? Waste protein and gout so difficult to remove by the kidneys. Therefore, limit your consumption of meat and increase the healthier fruits and vegetables.

4. Salty food 
Often consume foods that contain less sodium for kidney health, because sodium causes kidney stones to form. Therefore, stay away from foods that contain a lot of salt.

5. Carbonated drinks 
Carbonated drinks do give the body freshness for a while, but the habit can increase the possibility of kidney stone disease. Among carbonated drinks that need to be limited or shunned, one of them: soft drinks, power drinks, and juice packages.

6. Foods rich in purines 
Consuming high purine foods for a long period can increase the likelihood of kidney stone disease. Among purine-rich foods, one of them: sardines, egg yolks, meat, and so forth.

7. Dairy products 
High calcium is good for bones, but for those of you who have kidney problems, calcium can be your biggest enemy. Why is that? Because calcium can result in increased excretion of calcium in the urine so that the waste is difficult to dispose of and causes accumulation of kidney stones.

By limiting or avoiding the foods written above, we can reduce the possibility of developing kidney stone disease. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of us.
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