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Eliminate Your Heart Disease Only By Using These Herbs! Please pass it on.

Eliminate Your Heart Disease Only By Using These Herbs! Please pass it on.
Herbal Medicine for Heart Disease is a vital human organ, such as the heart motor is a machine if the machine is broken so the motor will not be able to move
Likewise the heart in humans, if the human heart is naturally damaged so it can be assured that humans will experience death.

Heart disease is usually suffered by people aged 30-50 years, and 40% is due to heredity and 60% due to unhealthy lifestyle aspects, protecting the body's condition and making healthy lifestyle so that it will reduce the possibility of heart disease.

If a person has already had heart disease, there is only one surgery, which is surgery or outpatient, but did you know that healing herbs for heart disease is also recognized as helping to restore and treat heart disease.

At this time I will share recipes for Herbal Medicines to Treat Heart Disease, let's watch the way below

heart disease 

Herbal Medicines To Treat Heart Disease 

Material : 

  • Some of the betel leaves are meeting the segments 
  • 5 cloves of shallot 
  • 14 cucumber seeds (7 use) 
  • 1 teaspoon cumin 

How to make: 
Clean / clean all of the above ingredients except white cumin, mash all ingredients until smooth
When it is smooth give a little boiled water (4 tablespoons)
Stir until evenly mixed
Then strain the water to save in a glass
Drink the herbs as long as you need until your heart disease disappears, work on drinking this mixture twice a day
By using and consuming the ingredients regularly, it is very likely that your heart disease will disappear, if your heart disease has shrunk, it is good to start doing a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, exercise, reduce staying up late, stay away from alcohol, adequate rest.

Alright until here first the article Herbal Medicine for Treating Heart Disease this opportunity, hopefully can benefit us all, please share this article so that it can be useful for our other friends thank you.
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