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No Need to Pay Expensive Doctors, !! Clean Your Kidneys Right With These Leaves, !! Here's How, Please Spread.

THEBOEGIS.COM - Kidney is one of the sides of the body that is so central to our body. Kidney is the main organ that acts in filtering the blood so that your body is not poisoned by impurities produced by food. Celery leaves can cleanse our kidneys in the following way:

Celery Leaves For Kidney 

Prepare a bunch of celery leaves and clean it, cut it into small pieces then put it in the pan. give clean water then simmer for 10 minutes then strain until it becomes 2 cups.

Drink a glass a day, InshaAllah you will feel the change. All salt and toxin content will be excreted in the urine.

Celery leaf is also known as one of the best natural cleansing treatments for our kidneys, and is safe for consumption without any risk.
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