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Often women fall asleep without taking off bra, or already have the habit of wearing it when sleeping.

The following effects that might have taken place: 

Flow issues 
If the bra wire is very close to your skin, your muscles may be pinched, and this can change the flow of nerves in your arm. In addition, if you use tight bra - like sports bra - that kind of thing can hurt the p4yud4ra network if used continuously.

Skin irritation 
Skin irritation is another side effect if you use bra during sleep.
Bra hooks and wire can protrude to the skin, and can cause irritation, if left for so long.
Even for special circumstances can cause lesions or abnormal tissue in the body.
When you fall asleep, there is a chance that you might not feel pain.

Sleep is not calm 
Anxiety is another side effect that can be caused by using bra asleep time.
That kind of thing works because the skin irritation that is passed disturbs your sleep.

Dark skin 
Hyperpigmentation can be caused by very tight hooks and strings attached to the skin through constant steps. Resulting in walking darkening of the skin color in specific areas.

Humid and warm environments might be perfect breeding grounds for fungi. Because women generally wear bra that does not fit, it is very possible to spread the fungus around p4yud4ra. Especially if you live in a hot climate.

Let it breathe 
Let your skin breathe, so you can sleep more soundly, free from hyperpigmentation of the skin, flow problems and irritation to your skin.
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