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Leunca is a vegetable that is very well known in people. In Javanese, it is called Ranti or Bobosa in Maluku.

Leunca has the Latin name Solanum Nigrum L, and is classified in the family Solanaceae (pumpkin). This plant came from Europe and West Asia, then spread widely through Malaysia.

This plant is used as medicine since it began to grow more than 2. 000 years. then. In Indonesia, leunca is widely consumed as vegetables or vegetables.

Collected from several sources, small rounded leuncas, are known to have benefits for various diseases. As with other vegetable eggplants that are easily found, it has some benefits.

Traditionally, the fruit and leaves of this plant have been used as dizziness in Mexico. In China, it is used to reduce inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, as an anti-diarrhea.

In India, it is used to cure memory loss dogs. In addition to its use as a traditional herb, several scientific studies have shown, leunca has anti-ulcerogenic activity related to the stomach, central nervous system, and as an anti-neoplastic agent and has a cytoprotective role against kidney cell damage.
The benefits or benefits of the tiny, green or purple fruit can treat various types of skin diseases, such as herpes, ulcers etc. Beyond that leunca fruit can also be a natural and efficacious cancer drug because the fruit contains solasonine, solasodine, solamargine, and solanine compounds.

These compounds can inhibit cancer cell changes that are not resolved. Solasodine has the effect of getting rid of pain (analgesic), decreased heat, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory. Solamargine and solasonine have an antibacterial effect, while solanine is antimitotic.

These compounds can overcome the problem of cancer, namely cancer of the breast, neck ra ** m, stomach and respiratory tract.

Taken from the benefits of fruit. blogspot, another benefit of this little eggplant which is often engulfed in it as an anti-rheumatic agent.

Traditional medicine in Nigeria, believes that eggplants can cure or at least reduce specific rheumatic attacks, even treat gout. Not only in Nigeria, in Korea, as a ginseng 'maniac' country, eggplant is recognized as having a miracle for treating several diseases.

The dried leaves, including the fruit, can be consumed to treat lumbago, gout, stiff waist, and other aches. In an empirical way, this plant can even also treat measles or chicken pox, alk * oh * ol dependence, gastritis, and burn scars.

The family plant Solanaceae contains a compound that can increase blood flow to the p ** is, to improve erection.

Compounds contained almost all types of eggplant can increase blood flow. But on the other hand, some research results show the negative effects of leunca plants which can reduce the number of spammers, to interfere with fertility, especially in the male group. (*)
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