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The proven leaves can destroy cancer only takes 3 weeks

The proven leaves can destroy cancer only takes 3 weeks
Soursop fruit is recognized to avoid and cure canker disease. It can be used as firewood or handicraft materials. The middle of the leaves can be used to treat various diseases.

Benefits of soursop leaves for health
There may be a lot of our people who know about it. Therefore, here I will share with you everything about the benefits of soursop leaves to make you more understand it.

1. Soursop leaves as cancer medications
The benefit of the first soursop leaves to avoid and treat cancer. Based on research, soursop leaves contain pro-active substances that can kill cancer cells.

The active pro substances in soursop leaves can also see which cells need to be killed and which cells are the main ones to stay alive. Therefore, the leaves of this soursack believe have a efficacy of up to 100 times compared to the treatment of cancer through chemotherapy.

The way to get the benefits is to drink the water of soursop leaves regularly every morning and afternoon for several weeks.

If at least you have been around for 3 weeks, so you will start to feel the effect if your body is already lighter than most. Do not forget to always consult your doctor about the actions you take.

2. Potent Hemorrhoids cure
The benefit of the 2nd soursop leaves as a healer cure hemorrhoids. As we know, hemorrhoids are diseases that attack the anus in the form of swelling.

In circumstances that have been at risk, hemorrhoids will cause the anus

The patient feels such pain and blood release. Uniquely, the disease can be treated by the leaves of the unexpected plants that are soursop leaves. Soursop leaves contain substances that can stop bleeding in the anus and can make the anus ' surrounding muscles more enjoy until the swelling little by little will shrink. So, the disease will be resolved.

3. Leaf Soursop handle uric acid
Uric acid is a disease that attacks a result of patients consuming foods that have excessive amounts of purine content. Generally, many purines are conceived by Melinjo fruit. For those of you who have already suffered this disease, do not worry because the disease can be solved by using soursop leaves.

How to use it by making water stew soursop leaves and drink when warm. The exception of treating uric acid, water decoction of betel leaf is also In a testament as a preventive disease of diabetes mellitus.

4. Lower Cholesterol
Some studies show that this soursop leaf is quite potent in lowering the content of bad cholesterol in the blood. Soursop leaves contain substances that can get rid of bad cholesterol from your body.

Generally, these nasty cholesterol seems because you are less selective in the food set.
Examples of foods rich in bad cholesterol are fried duck, fried chicken, fry and food containing a lot of oil.

What if frying time is running, cooking oil is used repeatedly until the color is blackened. That's where bad cholesterol will then go into the body to spread the disease at risk.

5. Soursop leaves for acne handling
Most recently, the benefits of this soursop fruit leaf is the prevention of acne. How to obtain this benefit is to smooth soursop leaves by using a Mashed.

After smooth, give the water and place the face that most have the potential to grow pimples. Wait until the content is pervasive and rinse with warm water.

This herb is much needed by people in the past in protecting their beauty. A few explanations about the benefits of soursop leaves. Hopefully it can give you many benefits.

Good luck!
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  • Mbah Roso
    Mbah Roso 26 February, 2020 23:17

    I like this fruits its A delicious and i think this fruits grow in anywhare place in Indonesia this fruits to popular thanks about this artikel

  • Admin
    Admin 29 June, 2020 10:33

    nyam nyam I like soursop

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