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Benefits of basil leaves for health and ejaculation

Basil is also widely known by the scientific name Ocimum Basilicum Var. Anisatum Benth. Basil leaves are leaves that are believed to be a lot of people who are able to remove bad breath, therefore many people are into as fresh ingredients.

I love this basil leaves when in a meal with Pecel Lele which is mixed with cucumber and the sauces are so tempting, duh to imagine it has made Laper.  A lot of people utilize it as a fresh plant, and as we alluded to on top of basil leaves have a lot of benefits, want to know what kind please see below.

Assisting infertility
Efficacy leaves Basil can help to prevent kem4ndulan. This is because basil leaves contain a substance of arginine that can strengthen the life of sperm4 so that it can prevent kem4ndulan. In addition, basil leaves also contain a substance of eugenol and apigenin Fenkhona which can help improve the quality of 3reks! and prevent ej4kul4si premature.

Treating Panu
It's pretty easy. Take a handful of basil leaves and wash clean, after that puree. Give a small amount of betel nut water and then blend it to the part of the skin that attacked the Panu. Preferably done twice a day.

Treating canker Sores
Just take the basil leaves for about 50 strands and wash thoroughly. Then chewed the leaves for approximately two to three minutes. Once smooth, it has the basil leaves and directly drink warm water. For maximum results, do a maximum of 3 times a day.

Combating free radicals
The efficacy of basil leaves is very good to fight free radicals, this is because the basil leaves have an excellent antioxidant to fight free radicals that enter our bodies. Antioxidants that form flavonoids and also eugenol able prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

That's the benefit of the leaves for health and ejaculation that are beneficial for us as a natural traditional treatment. Good try it at home and hopefully useful for all.
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