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Easy Ways to Avoid Stalkers Who Like to Peek at Your Instagram Account

Easy Ways to Avoid Stalkers Who Like to Peek at Your Instagram Account

The existence of a stalker on Instagram sometimes makes us uncomfortable when using the application.

Maybe for stalkers who only visit Instagram profiles it's not too annoying.

However, often unknown people actually do things that make them uncomfortable.

In addition, there are also many people who deliberately use fake accounts to ngestalk someone's IG account.

The use of a fake account is done so that the identity of the perpetrator is unknown to the victim.

Well, there are some tips that can be done by those of you who have become victims or prevent stalks on Instagram profiles.

Here's how to keep a profile away from the stalker.

Private Account

The first step you can take is to privatize your Instagram account.

Yes, by doing this you can sort anyone who can access to your profile page.

The way is also quite easy, you just need to open the Intagram account profile, then click the logo of the line three on the top right.

Then select the "Settings" menu at the bottom, then choose the padlock logo that reads "Account Privacy".

If it still says "Public", then you have to change it by tapping the round button on the smartphone screen.

For the record, if you use Instagram Business on your account, you won't be able to lock that account.


The second way to avoid or distance yourself from the stalker is to block it.

This method might be worth doing if the stalker is really annoying.

There is no harm if you do this because the way it is done to maintain your security from strangers.

Don't Post Privacy Matters

The last prevention is from the way you post an image or content on Instagram.

To distance yourself from the stalker, you should not post content that touches the realm of privacy.

Uploading something related to privacy often becomes something bad.

Some time ago there was news of a robbery that occurred due to uploads from victims on his social media.

The victim is known to have posted his condition at home alone.

That way it is seen by a stalker who is a robber.

Those are some steps that you can take to avoid the stalker who might be able to harm you.

Don't forget to stay wise in using social media for personal safety and comfort.

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