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Understanding Cloud Computing with advantages, disadvantages and how Cloud Computing works

With the rapid growth of technology and information, many new terms emerge. One is a technology called Cloud Computing or in Bahasa Indonesia known as cloud computing.

The term Cloud or cloud is actually a depiction of the Internet technology itself. Often we see an internet diagram covered or in a cloud-shaped symbol. Cloud computing technology is quite popular and began to be widely demanded and utilized in all areas such as for storage media, industry, industrial development and many more.

In this article, the author wants to explain more about cloud computing technology, including the definition or understanding of cloud computing, the way it works and its advantages and disadvantages when used. Our hope is that in addition to introducing people who are still public about cloud computing, it is also a medium of learning for you who want to use it or just curious. Just jump into the full review of the cloud computing sense you can see below:

Understanding Cloud Computing

For public people Perhaps the term cloud computing is still sound vague or unknown, although it is not uncommon in day-to-day activities involving this one technology. The most widely used examples are Google Drive storage or Drop Box media. But cloud computing is not limited to storage only but much more. Previously it was explained that cloud computing can be interpreted as cloud computing, and its definition in general is a technology that combines the capabilities of a computer (computing) with the development of the Internet-based ( Cloud).

Cloud computing usually runs a program without first performing the installation process. Not only that users can also access data in the application anywhere and anytime. One example is in the form of storage media such as Google Drive, Drop Box, or other forms of applications such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Azure, Amazon and others. But keep in mind also not all Internet-connected applications implement cloud computing as well.

Some big companies besides Google and Yahoo have also started or even use a cloud computing system to expand their business. Many of them are also found in Indonesia such as DealPOS, Telkom and others.

How Cloud Computing Works
It was previously explained that cloud computing technology is a combination of computer devices with Internet network. Internet position here is as the server of a program or application used. Users can access data or even make changes to the system with their own account and without installation process. You can send commands to the system from the program through the provided interface. Orders sent are subsequently stored virtually for subsequent follow-up as appropriate.

By using cloud computing this way, the process will be faster and more accurate. The way the cloud system works is also more secure in terms of security, because the utilization of cloud computing is much more done in terms of storage media. The use of a hard disk or flash drive is a lot of risk. That's what is behind the emergence of Google Drive or Drop Box even though its capacity is still very limited.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Computing
The number of companies that started using cloud computing technology proved that the influence is quite large. For most users do assess the performance of cloud computing is quite satisfactory. But it is important to know that a thing that is considered profitable does not cover the possibility of still storing its own flaws, including cloud computing.

Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • The most common advantage in the use of cloud computing and most often felt by users is minimizing costs, especially for a company. However, this is true if you use a cloud computing server rental service because there is no need to worry about the hardware and other needs needed.
  • Given how it works that utilize cloud/Internet then you can more easily access data anywhere and anytime, no need to also bring your own proprietary equipment.
  • Although it has a limited capacity but you don't have to worry about its effectiveness. When the storage capacity is full then as a user you can also apply for an increase in capacity, for example a premium package on Google Drive.
  • Considering the use of cloud computing that is handle by a tenant hosting company then you do not have to learn and understand the system. This is very helpful to consumers because it only takes an understanding of how it works and its use.
Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
  • Although it is considered the safest solution for storing data but it is also a must know that cloud computing still has a lot of gaps, one of which is still doubtful confidentiality. Examples of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others where user data stored on central servers can be easily deployed.
  • Considering here you are using a server from a tenant hosting cloud computing company then do not close the possibility also that at the time-server down or even a malfunction, although the chances are very small. Also make sure that you choose a tested and qualified hosting rental company.
One of the things that users may also complain about is the need for a stable Internet connection in order to access data and use cloud computing applications. This also makes it a limited area of use given the adjustments to the network conditions.

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