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Benefits of Tomato fruit for health and beauty

Benefits of Tomato fruit for health and beauty
Tomatoes there are two kinds of tomato fruit and vegetable tomatoes. The difference lies in the shape and thickness of her skin. If the tomato fruit, the shape is somewhat oblong and the skin thick. Instead, the vegetable tomatoes are round and the skin is thinner.
Tomato fruit is usually used as a fresh salad, and directly consumed without the need to be cooked first. This type of tomato is more durable than vegetable tomatoes. Vegetable tomatoes are usually used as a cooked vegetable mixture, and cannot be durable (quick rot).

Benefits of tomato fruit among others:

1. Hemorrhoids
Boil some tomatoes that have been cooked in coconut oil for about ten minutes, then strain with a piece of cloth. After the cold, apply on the Wasir.

2. High Blood
Eat a fresh tomato fruit of 1-2 in the morning, when the stomach is empty.

3. Cancer and the Heart
Cooked tomatoes, such as boiled, tomato sauce, and tomatoes that are in cooking, such as soup, cause lycopene on tomatoes are more easily absorbed so that it is more efficacious to prevent prostate cancer and heart disease.

4. Acne
Add 25 ml of 70% alcohol in tomato juice (100 ml), then shake evenly. Use the mixture to rub the breakouts face. Do it 2-3 times a day. or use it as a mask, the way tomato juice is mixed with a teaspoon of fresh yogurt. Use a mask for approximately 10 minutes and then clean the face with water

5. Reduce blackheads
Tomatoes are also useful for reducing blackheads. The way, puree tomatoes and mix with honey. Spread the mixture on your face and leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Unlike other vegetables, the benefits of tomatoes are not reduced when cooked. Instead, it is recommended that the tomatoes be processed first. Substances contained in tomatoes are beneficial to destroy free radicals when cooked.

That is the benefit of the tomato fruit for health and beauty that is beneficial for all in treating the above diseases and make beauty also especially for women to look still fresh on the skin and beautiful charming.
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