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'Global Hack' Looking for Solutions to Overcome Pandemic

The internet is the only way that allows people to work, study and share ideas online. While billions of people stay home to avoid transmission of the Corona virus,

The Internet can also present opportunities, organizers say ' Global Hack '.

' Global Hack ' is a virtual gathering of hundreds of thousands of people in 50 countries that takes place on 9-11 April. There is a prize for the initiator of the best ideas for new platforms, applications and innovations and the prize will be given on Sunday (12/4).

The event, known as the Hackathon, is usually a mass meeting of software developers and graphic designers who deal with problems in a competitive environment. With the ' Global Hack ' underway, creative teams work remotely to find solutions to problems arising from the Corona virus pandemic and future crises.

 "We are gathering people with very different skills, different competencies, " said Kai Isand, Estoni's Accelerate technology collective leader and chief organizer of the ' Global Hack ' this weekend.
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