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Pentagon Take out Guidelines for Using the Zoom Application

The U.S. Department of Defense issued new guidelines on the use of the popular video conferencing application, Zoom, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned last week about security issues and Vo'S report on Thursday (9/4) stated that the military and government employees continued to use the application.

In an e-mail to VOA on Friday, a Pentagon spokesman said,  "Users in the Department of Defense (DOD) cannot host meetings using the Zoom application, free or commercially. "

The spokesman said the new guidelines allow the use of Zoom for Government, a special paid service held separately in the cloud that is Dayagel permitted by the Federal Risk Management Program and Authority, if a video conference on  "DOD information that can be released to the public is not categorized as ' Only for Use Official. ' "

However, it is unclear how many government employees have so far distinguished the two services.
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