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Benefits of Bulus Oil for Skin Beauty

Benefits of Bulus Oil for Skin Beauty
Oil of Bulus is a natural oil that has been used by people for a long time, especially for beauty and skin care. The original Kalimantan oil is made from animal oil, which is extracted from the oil by heating it under the sun for 30 days. The content of turtle oil is very beneficial for men and women. Many of the turtle oils on the market at low prices are usually a mixture of "this is our claim". Because to produce pure turtle oil requires a long time and is full of patience. so you have to be careful in buying turtle oil with the lure of a cheaper price. Use our original turtle oil, 100% pure without mixture. Now that Bulus Oil is widely used as a mixture of cosmetics and medicines, this indicates that research has seen a great benefit in its content. Now is the time for us to use it too.

The characteristics of the original oil without mixture is that the fat is easy to clot if it is put on for more than one week. For those of you, don't be surprised if you find this. here we tell you to be careful in buying turtle oil, because to get the original turtle oil from drying it is very difficult on the market. on the market there are a lot of fake turtle oil because the way the process is instant, namely from the results of the turtle frying and to get a lot of results it is often mixed.

  • Brightens and Smoothes facial / body skin, slows down skin wrinkles and tightens facial skin and makes the face youthful (applied and massaged).
  • Cure acne, peeled skin due to hot water / fire / exhaust, treat itchy skin itching / eczema (applied topically).
  • Tighten breasts (apply).
  • Eliminate black spots on the face, massage, remove stiff lines in the hands and feet (according to the joints of the body and the places needed).
  • Brighten dry and dull facial skin (apply and massage evenly on the face).
  • Cure impotence, premature ejaculation and impotence, (applied / smeared on the penis. From tip to base until evenly distributed, massage for 5 - 10 minutes.

Before using this oil, wash it with clean water, dry it with a towel and then apply / rub it with this oil, let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse the face / which has been exposed to the oil until clean.

In order to be durable and get rid of the rancid smell, it is often dried in the hot sun, with the place (at least once a week).

To maintain quality, our original pure oil is 100% pure from the grease (the culprit oil).
Not a mix. which has been a lot of mixing and neglecting customer satisfaction.

For maximum results in skin care, it is highly recommended to use turtle oil and turtle oil soap together, continuously. Make it a turtle oil soap for daily use. you will look fresh and look younger ...
One thing that we should know from using this Bulus oil is that the results are longer than other chemical topical drugs. Because in principle, Bulus oil is a natural ingredient without containing harmful chemicals, if the use of Bulus oil continues. So our patience is required to be able to produce truly quality benefits that can be felt in the long term. In contrast to topical drugs or pills that contain chemicals, the effects they cause can take place very quickly, but only in the short term and may be dangerous for skin that is sensitive to the chemicals contained in them. Next, which one do you choose? Surely you know the answer better.

As a complement to skin care, we also provide Bulus Oil Soap. Our oil soap is made from the ingredients of Minyak Bulus and spices which are processed traditionally. to provide maximum results for skin and facial care. This soap is useful for:
  • Treat and remove acne scars.
  • Brighten facial skin.
  • Smoothes facial skin.
  • treat black spots on the face.
  • Makes skin look younger to glow.
  • Make Ageless.
  • Remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells.
For facial care and treating acne.
Use every morning and evening in the shower 2-3 times a day. In order to sink in,
use soap with a light rub towards the ears and head.

For maximum results in skin care, it is highly recommended to use turtle oil and turtle oil soap together, continuously. Make it a turtle oil soap for daily use. you will look fresh and look younger.

So, those are the benefits of turtle oil for skin beauty that you need to know so that you always look more beautiful and charming with white, toned, fragrant and smooth skin with natural traditions, especially women who care about beauty.
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