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How to Overcome influenza or colds Naturally

Are you aware that flu symptoms can come from fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, pain, and chills? Everything can be treated with antiviral drugs, but after all, simple homemade remedies will taste better. Not only that, this personal treatment has also been proven to relieve the flu symptoms you are experiencing.

During this transition season, more and more people are catching flu and colds. Transmission can occur when they breathe air from a cough or sneeze of someone who has the flu.

Influenza is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by a virus that has 3 serotypes, namely serotypes A, B and C. If we are infected with the Influenza Virus, it can cause various signs and symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, headache and cough. Getting sick with flu is often taken lightly by the public, even though the complications that are caused are so many. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to initially treat the flu and colds. The following is the initial handling that can be done.

When suffering from flu, a person will lose their appetite so they do not feel hungry.3 But food intake is still important even when sick. The following are dietary tips for people with flu and colds.

How to deal with the flu naturally:

Drink lots of water
Why should you drink puith water? The answer is simple, because water does have a myriad of benefits, including that it can also help treat flu or colds. Try to drink puith water at least 8 glasses / day. It aims to keep your throat clean from germs that can cause flu.

Consuming Warm Drinks
In addition to increasing drinking water, you can also consume warm drinks, for example, warm white water, warm tea, coffee, etc. Why should a warm drink? The answer is because during the flu, there will be a lot of fluid wasted through mucus, saliva and sweat. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you drink lots of water, the aim is to replace lost body fluids. Why should the water be warm? because warm fluids can help reduce congestion, prevent dehydration, and soothe a irritated throat. In addition, the steam from hot drinks can also help thin mucus. So, if you have the flu, immediately drink warm!

Total rest
A tired body condition will cause the immune system to weaken and the flu will attack when the body is in a weakened immune system. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take complete rest and stop working for a while, so that your immune system regains its normal state.

Consume Buan and Vegetables
When your body is weakened, your immune system will automatically weaken. Therefore, the intake of vitamins and minerals is needed to help restore the condition of the body and help improve the immune system so that it is not susceptible to disease.

Use Onion Scent
Onions, which we know as one of the many spices, can also be used as a medicine to treat colds. The aroma of onions (green onion, red, puith) can function as a catalyst in removing fluids and cleaning the nose. The trick, hold the onion under the nostrils and inhale the aroma for about 5 minutes. Please have a good try!

Traditional Steam Therapy
Evaporation is one of the traditional ways that are believed to be effective in dealing with flu. The trick is to enter hot water into the basin, use a towel to cover your head, and place your face on the basin. For optimal results, you can mix eucalyptus oil, turmeric, ginger or other spices.

Gargling can be a solution when the flu strikes. Why should you gargle? the goal is to help clean the mouth so that bad bacteria that cause flu do not enter the throat. Try gargling with warm water mixed with salt, apple cider vinegar, ginger turmeric for maximum results.

Use Menthol / Mint Scent
Using menthol or mint scent is one of my ways to deal with colds or flu. It's easy, you only need to apply eucalyptus oil or balm near the nostrils, throat and on your chest.

Take a warm shower
When you have the flu, try not to shower using cold water. But always use warm water, the goal is to keep the body warm.

Consume Chili / foods containing chili
Capsaicin is a chemical compound contained in chilies that is trusted and has been proven effective in helping to clean the nasal cavity. When the flu starts, try consuming soup topped with pepper or foods that contain chilies. But remember, don't be too much, later instead of the cold being healed, the stomach ache instead.

Eat Warm Spices
Finally, you can also try eating warm spices such as kencur, ginger, basil, sreh. Or it could be that all of the following spices are combined and boiled with enough water, then drink the boiled water.

Honey and Ginger Mix
Everyone must have known honey. Apart from its delicious taste, this honey is also rich in benefits, which are also beneficial in overcoming colds or flu. The trick, take 2 segments of ginger, then grate it and mix it with honey. Then you eat 3x a day. God willing, your flu will be cured.

It is during this season that the weather changes, where people often get colds or flu, so I give a detailed explanation about how to deal with a cold or flu naturally, which you really need to know so that you are always healthy and don't catch this disease.

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