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Develop AI and Deep Learning for Smart City, Qlue Collaborates with Nvidia


Qlue has just announced its collaboration with Nvidia in the Nvidia Inception Program, an accelerator program for  technology startups  that utilize  deep learning  and  artificial intelligence.

This collaboration is carried out to encourage the innovation of these two technologies for the realization of  a better smart city  .

Nvidia Inception is a virtual accelerator program for  startups  that aims to develop   dedicated and high-potential startups that are revolutionizing the industry through artificial intelligence  and  data science technologies  .

Every  startup  that joins this program will later get various  benefits, starting from training from experts, grants for hardware , and marketing support.

"The Nvidia Inception program will help us unite various technical and business knowledge in providing artificial intelligence  and  deep learning solutions  ,  which are already available in Qlue," said  Qlue founder  and CEO, Rama Raditya.

"With Nvidia's support, it is hoped that this will optimize the existing Qlue technology as part of the smart city solution  .  This program will open access to deep learning experts, support  Nvidia GPU and  software , provide training from the Nvidia Deep Learning Institute, and support from the marketing side   that we will use as best as possible to further develop Qlue, "he added.

AI-Based Product Development and Deep Learning

Through this collaboration, Qlue will utilize the Nvidia Inception program to develop products based on  artificial intelligence  and  deep learning.

Qlue's various technological innovations present real-time solutions   so that they can provide analysis and recommendations for policy makers, both at the government and private company levels.

Qlue also offers various technology solutions based on  artificial intelligence  and  deep learning , such as QlueVision as an artificial intelligence -based video analysis solution   for identifying human behavior, vehicle and human counting, facial identification and vehicle number plate identification.

QlueVision has helped various municipalities / districts, government agencies, and companies to work more efficiently and reduce human error significantly.

Nvidia support

Nvidia's Senior Manager for Channel and Alliances (Pacific South), Budi Harto, said that Nvidia is happy to be able to support Qlue in developing artificial intelligence  and  deep learning -based products  .

"Nvidia appreciates Qlue for providing various technological solutions using  artificial intelligence  and  deep learning  to realize a  smart city  in Indonesia. We think that Qlue has made major changes to the use of AI technology in Indonesia since its establishment in 2016, "said Budi.

For this reason, he continued, Nvidia will facilitate Qlue in the development of various  artificial intelligence  and  deep learning products  with various technologies and knowledge from Nvidia.

The support from Nvidia will help Qlue to expand into new markets and ensure the artificial intelligence technology   developed by Qlue is at the forefront of smart city solutions and ecosystems  .

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