THEBOEGIS.COM - Viber is an application service that uses VoIP technology to make calls and send text, photos and video messages for free.

This is an inexpensive and useful way to chat with your friends and family overseas without using cell phone credit. You can make calls and send texts via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G data on a mobile device or using a desktop application on a computer.
Chat application from Israel, this program wants to reach more users in Indonesia with the availability of services in Indonesian versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. Interestingly, Indonesian is the only supported Asian language.
The great thing about this application is that we don't need to create an account or add friends, because it uses a mobile number for registration. In addition, the friend's number that you saved in the contact will automatically be listed on the contact.
The advantages of this application:
- This application is FREE / FREE
- Can send short messages (SMS) arranged in the form of chat messanger
- Can call other viber users with sound quality that is quite good and clear (depending on the network connection you get).
- Lighter and friendlier so it doesn't burden system performance too much and doesn't drain the battery too much.
- Easy to use, recognizes contacts by mobile number.
- Geolocation, integrated with maps
- Send pictures
- Preview image on conversation
- Supports push notification (including notification of friends who just joined Viber)
- Ad-free

Lisensi Freeware
Developer Viber Media S.à r.l.
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10





THEBOEGIS.COM - Frostwire is a file sharing program that uses the same engine as LimeWire, a file sharing application using the Gnutella and BitTorrent networks.

Frostwire is an open source application, written in the Java language so that there are still opportunities for developers to participate in developing this program in the future and allows you to find a download center for all types of files that are compatible with computers, this software has the same database as LimeWire.
When tested between Frostwire Free and LimeWire Pro by testing using a media player, in this application it can not work with MP3 or MPGs, while in LimeWire they work very well. However, when compared between the two, many users choose this Free Program, because it has better download speeds than LimeWire Pro. This program also has the advantage in the number of connections that can be connected, as many as 5 Ultrapeers. Whereas LimeWire only 3 Ultrapeers.
Not only that, although freeware, this application provides many alternative skins that you can choose according to your taste. Also equipped with Community Chat, which allows all users to interact and discuss the applications they use. With the ability to support multiplatform, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and a source code package available.

Lisensi Freeware
Developer FrostWire LLC
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

DOWNLOAD for Windows
DOWNLOAD for Linux
DOWNLOAD for Linux x64 [deb]
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Opera 71.0.3770.148

Opera 71.0.3770.148

THEBOEGIS.COMSoftware to access the internet : Opera is the fastest Web browser offering many powerful features with the latest minimalist design. Made by a company based in Oslo, Norway.

This free software comes in 52 languages, and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
The most complete Internet browser, Private browsing, Block pop-ups, tabbed browsing, integrated search, And because we know that users have different needs, you can customize the appearance and content of this browser.
This browser is a browser application that is quite light, so it does not take up a large enough hard disk memory on a notebook or PC. Has its own email client and rss so you don't need to use another email client like Outlook and so on. It has Opera Turbo which can be activated when the connection is slow so that the page loading process can be faster. Cache recall is faster.
It has a "Speed ​​Dial" feature, a feature that allows users to add up to 25 links (or more, by editing the speeddial.ini file) which are displayed in thumbnail form on the page when a new tab is opened. Thumbnails linked to the page are automatically generated and serve for visual recognition of the speed dial page or can be changed using the Opera Image Dial Generator. Once set up, this feature makes it easier for users to navigate to the selected web page.
Lisensi Freeware
Developer Opera Software
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Software Untuk Mengakses Internet

Software Untuk Mengakses Internet

Software untuk mengakses internet adalah salah satu bagian penting ketika Anda ingin berselancar di internet. Sebab, tanpa software-software semacam ini, Anda akan sangat kesulitan dalam mengakses internet melalui komputer, laptop, handphone, tablet, ataupun gadget-gadget lainnya.
Vivaldi 3.3.2022.45

Vivaldi 3.3.2022.45

THEBOEGIS.COM – Software to access the internet : Vivaldi is a Chrominium-based browser made by former Opera CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, that can access the web quickly, is rich in functionality, flexible, and puts user security first.

Most people certainly use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to search on search engines. Of course each of these browsers has its own advantages and disadvantages because the features provided are also different.

The Vivaldi browser is a product of an expert in search engines who was once the CO-founder of the popular browser Opera. This man, named Jon von Tetzchner, initiated and confidently launched a browser that first appeared in 2015, but initially it was still used by limited circles.

The UI is quite simple but fun to look at. The initial appearance is almost the same as Opera with the Speed ​​Dial and speed dial background that can be changed. The menu is hidden in the Vivaldi logo in the top left corner. Adheres to a sidebar system where on the sidebar there are Bookmarks, Download Manager and Notes features. Even the Tab can also be moved to the Sidebar.

This browser application is also equipped with the Notes feature which allows users to take notes while surfing the internet and can even take screenshots. The feature is located in the left hand panel and to activate it just click the + button and the resulting notes can be saved in a special folder.
Lisensi Freeware
Developer Vivaldi Technologies™
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser

THEBOEGIS.COM – Software to access the internet : Yandex Browser is a browser that is simple and easy to use. Load web pages quickly with Kaspersky's security features to alert users if they try to access a site deemed to contain malware.

Yandex is a local search engine originating from Russia. Where it comes from, Yandex outperforms Google, because more than 60% of Russians use this search engine.
This Russian-made browser uses the WebKit engine which is also an engine in the Safari browser from Apple and Google Chrome from Google.

The advantages of this browser include that all pages you open will be checked by Yandex with Kaspersky Cloud Antivirus. In addition, the bookmarks that appear when you open the News Tab, can directly use the translate feature on the Web that you are currently open.

Has a URL bar and also a Search bar combined. Not only that, you don't need to change search engines because Yandex Browser already provides Google, Bing and Yahoo in the Search bar.
In the future, this browser will use the Turbo feature like the one in Opera. With this feature you will be able to access the web quickly even if the internet connection is slow.
Lisensi Freeware
Developer Yandex LLC
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.51

Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.51

THEBOEGIS.COM – Software to access the internet : Microsoft Edge is a browser from microsoft built with the Project Spartan rendering engine for Windows users to browse the Internet.

Microsoft hopes that Edge Chromium will become a powerful browser with faster performance and is safer to use. In addition to advanced features that make it easier for users, Microsoft also provides security features that aim to deal with phishing attacks, malicious extensions, and various illegal attempts to get sensitive information from users.

The difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer is in the simpler interface and the support for maximum customization with the emergence of themes, extensions and add-ons like other browsers today.

Because it is made using the Chromium source, users will be able to use Chrome extensions like the Google Chrome browser. In addition, the menu and settings are similar to the browser made by Google.

Microsoft Edge also supports reading mode. Users can read content comfortably without being distracted by other content that often appears on the page. In addition, users can also read content on the page offline and save it on the device you are using.

Many users get annoyed when reading PDF content on certain pages, but other pages appear. Therefore, Microsoft created a PDF Reader feature that can be used to read PDF files directly through a browser without the need to download the PDF file first.

Cortana Assistant is Microsoft Edge's flagship feature, because other browsers don't yet have this powerful feature. This feature allows Microsoft's personal assistant to help users surf the internet with just voice commands. Cortana Assistant has been integrated with the Edge browser, so users can execute commands only with the spoken voice.
Lisensi Freeware
Developer Microsoft
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Google Chrome 85.0.4183.102

Google Chrome 85.0.4183.102

THEBOEGIS.COM – Software to access the internet : Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimalist design with advanced technology to make the web faster, safer and easier.

This computer software has the advantage of speed and attractive appearance. Behind its minimalist and simple appearance, Google Chrome has a myriad of features that are equivalent to other modern web browsers aka browser applications. You can find features such as multitab, bookmarks and additional functionality via extensions. This application is also integrated with several Google services, such as the feature to automatically translate web pages including Indonesian and Google search.
Google Chrome Features & Benefits:

1. One browser for everything
Type in the address bar and you will get suggestions for searches and web pages.

2. Faster and more accessible
Access your favorite pages with significant speed from each new tab.

3. Incognito mode
Don't want the pages you visit to appear in your web history / history? Choosing incognito mode for Private Browsing mode or in other languages ​​in mozilla firefox is private browsing.

4.Safe browsing
This browser will warn you if you are about to visit a web that is suspected of containing phishing, malware or similar sites that are not safe according to Google.

Lisensi Freeware
Developer Google Inc
Sistem Operasi Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10