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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Sumur Tiga Beach, the Most Beautiful Beach on the Indonesian Edge

Sumur Tiga beach tourism object is a beautiful beach located in the village of Ie Meulee, Pulau Weh. This white sandy beach is known for its stunning natural panorama. As a crowded beach visited by local and foreign tourists, the three wells beach is equipped with supporting facilities such as diving and snorkeling, so it's no wonder that this beach is much in demand by both local and tourist tourists to pamper themselves on this beach.

Sumur Tiga Beach is located on the east coast of Weh Island or about 15 minutes from Sabang City, precisely in Ie Meule Subdistrict, Sukajaya, Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh Province. It is said that the origin, the name of the Sumur Tiga Beach, is due to having three freshwater wells there. Therefore, the place was named after Sumur Tiga Beach. Sumur Tiga Beach has different characteristics from  Iboih Beach  or Gapang Beach. The sand at Sumur Tiga Beach is whiter whiter like crystal and soft even though the water is slightly choppy. Panorama of the beach stretches the blue sea combined with a breeze that moves the palm on the beach.

In addition, a clear beach with turquoise sea water is a sight that is very soothing to the soul. Coconut trees exhaled by the sea breeze will surely lull you when lying on the sand beach or sitting in the grass and under the coconut trees. Meanwhile, at this beach location there are also historical sites from Japan. Namely, the number of fortresses left over from the Japanese Occupation, although not well maintained, can still be found in the Sumur Tiga beach area. Sumur Tiga Beach can be said as a paradise for those of you who like to do diving and snorkeling and wind surfing.

Enchantment of Mandalika, New Tourism in Lombok

Enchantment of Mandalika, the New Tourism Paradise in Lombok
Enchantment of Mandalika, the New Tourism Paradise in Lombok - Are you planning a year-end vacation? If you and your family are lovers of nature tourism, especially beach tourism and enjoy surfing or swimming, please enter the Mandalika tourist area, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, in the top list of your year-end vacation options.

This tourist area is adjacent to several beautiful beaches in the south of the island of Lombok. Still in a natural atmosphere that hasn't been touched too much, this region is so rich in the beauty of the vast expanse of coastline, complete with the softness of its white sand. Starting from Kuta Mandalika Beach, Seger Beach, Serenting Beach, Putri Nyale, Tanjung Aan Beach, to Gerupuk Beach, all are ready to pamper you and your family.

Danau Toba Tourism, Uniqueness in the Beauty of Lake Legend

Lake Toba tourism is one of the most famous lake tourism in Indonesia. Besides Lake Toba has stunning natural beauty, Lake Toba keeps a legendary story that you must know. Lake Toba nature tourism is one of the lakes that stores a lot of natural wealth. Until now the beauty of Lake Toba is not inferior to other natural scenery.

Lake Toba North Sumatra Tourism
Until now there have been many tourists to foreign tourists who have visited Lake Toba. Behind the panoramic view of the beauty of Lake Toba is tucked a fairytale of the archipelago. The story of Lake Toba starts from a valley in North Sumatra with the main actor being the hard-working farmer and the magical fish princess.

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