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It turns out that the smell of farts can treat deadly diseases, do you not believe?

THEBOEGIS - Indeed most of the oranag will always be avoided and angry when farting recklessly and throw a smell that is not very tasty.

However, after learning of a study from the University of Exeter in England, you will be very surprised that the view becomes transformed.

Researchers found that the smell of the farting aroma could have healed several diseases including heart, cancer, arthritis, and also Dimensia.
Fart derived from hydrogen sulfide Gas that is solved by bacteria, sulfide Gas in high doses can actually be able to mean, but in the farting dose is very low and can instead be healthy.

Reported from the Times Friday July 11, 2014, for Wood experiments and the team made the artificial gas with the name AP39, this dose is then blown in the mitochondria.

The cell Organ is ready to absorb nutrients and it is transformed into an energy by destroying itself, so that when the mitochondria are destroyed the body will be weak and will be susceptible to disease.

And it turns out our artificial gases can keep the mitochondria crushed in the process of an energy creation and we strongly believe restoring the Miticondria is a key to being able to heal and treat various diseases.

Therefore now Suadah know the benefits of farting, apparently squeeze farts have tremendous benefits despite the numberless ask forgiveness very smell really.

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  • Zatnika
    Zatnika 14 February, 2020 04:42

    Wow, its out of the box, Amazing~

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