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How to Install Disqus Comments on Blog

How to Install Disqus Comments on Blog
How to Install Disqus Comments on Blog - In this period of the year, the bloggers are posting disqus comments, and besides bloggers, this disqus comment is used by many big websites.

Besides that, disqus comments can make money for your disqus account that is monetized, and there are many other advantages of this disqus. Well, for those who are already curious and want to quickly see the tutorial, just follow the tutorial below.

Please open the page

2. You click "For Websites" on the disqus page to be turned up.

3. Scroll a little down, and click "Get Started".

4. After that, a column will appear and fill it by you as needed.
5. If everything has been filled, then you click "Next Step".

6. A new form appears, and there is a "Sitename" filled in with the name of your blog, then "Choose your unique Disqus URL" will automatically fill in if the sitename has been filled in, and "Category" fill in your blog niche, or you can choose " Other ".
7. If you have, immediately click "Finish Registration".

8. Well, at the next stage you select the blog / wordpress blog platform that you use, but this time I share a tutorial for blogger, so just click "Blogger".
9. Then, the next step you click on number one or "Add to my Blogger Site"

10. The next step, please click "Add to Widget" and it will automatically be transferred to the widget installation on the blogger.

Now please check your blog, and choose one of the posts.

Well, so from Arlina Design about the article how to make a comment on the blog, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who read.
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