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Overcoming the Popular Post Widget Error

Overcoming the Popular Post Widget Error
Overcoming the Popular Post Widget Error - Recently one of the blogger default widgets, the popular post widget has an error. The error here is in the menu of the entry view option which does not show data with what we choose.

For example the maximum post on this widget I set 5 entries with settings like this:
But after being saved and seen on the blog the widget displays 7 entries, as well as if the entry is set to any number on the menu that appears the results will remain the same, namely 7 entries. If the option is selected for the last 30 days then 10 entries will appear and only if you select the option At any time the widget can show the entry according to what was chosen.

To overcome this until the blogger team fixes it, you can install the CSS code below:

Open blogger> Template> Edit HTML, copy the code below just before ]]> </ b: skin> or </ style>

Add code if you want to bring up only 3 entries:
.PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(n+4){display:none;}

Tambahkan kode jika ingin memunculkan hanya 5 entri :
.PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(n+6){display:none;}

The key is in the attribute: nth-child (n + NUMBER), NUMBER is the limit of the entry that will be removed.

By applying the code above, now you can choose any option whether it's Options at any time, the last 30 days, or the last 7 days.
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