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Basic SEO Techniques from Google

Basic SEO Techniques from Google
Basic SEO Techniques From Google - As we all know that SEO is very influential for the survival of the website or blog that we have to be able to compete in the SERP. Therefore, as a blogger, in addition to the techniques of writing articles on blogs that we must master, we are also required to understand positive seo techniques. The meaning is that you have to apply SEO techniques that have been suggested by Google. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)indeed a phenomenon that is unique among webmasters, because many webmasters explain it with different versions. But did you know that Google itself has clearly explained how seo techniques for the security of our website or blog on the SERP. This is certainly inseparable from Google Panda and penguins who are always updated within a certain period of time to monitor and sort and delete websites and blogs that are not suitable for display on search engines because they are considered spam. One of the factors highlighted by the google robot is a website or blog that uses Black Hat SEO techniques.

SEO techniques if we look deeper have experienced many changes both on Page SEO and SEO Off Page. This is because the Google algorithm is always updated from time to time. For that reason, seo techniques that we have understood in the past have changed, so that it no longer applies to the optimization of the website or blog that we have. Besides that I need to convey to you, things related to SEO you can learn more about google webmaster tools. There you can read how SEO is able to maintain and strengthen the position of the website and increase blog visitors and maximize the online business that you are living.

There are many ways to explore our understanding of SEO, one of which is self-taught learning. But if we learn in this way it will take a long time. Besides that self-taught learning is also less effective if we learn from irrelevant sources. It could be when we read or practice seo techniques from irrelevant sources that the blog or website that we have is banned or decreases in position on the SERP and the drop in visitors of the blog and website that we have.

One accurate source for learning SEO is google, which is precisely on the pages available on google webmaster tools. In addition you can also join SEO courses and trusted webmasters in the area where you live. Many of the best SEO and internet marketing courses in Jakarta that have been opened, please visit and check immediately if you want to explore SEO and internet marketing and web developers.

SEO Guidelines and Techniques

As I have explained above, actually Google has provided basic SEO recommendations according to their algorithm. So that your website or blog still exists in the SERP and is spared from banned by Google. This collection of basic techniques is summarized in an ebook that you can download for free. If you want to learn SEO seo ebook is very helpful for you in developing and optimizing your website or blog.
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