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Easy Ways to Quickly Index Google

Easy Ways to Quickly Index Google
Ways to Quickly Index Google Articles - Blogger buddy, I'm sure every blogger every article and publish an article would want to post or article so that it is quickly indexed by google and can appear on search engine pages, sometimes if we publish articles, if we do nothing , then the article will be very long to index Google even for days, even though we really want our article to appear on Google faster.

Articles or posts that are quickly indexed by Google are also very good for SEO because it will be read by Google with fresh and new content, for that by doing one trick so that each of us publish articles and will be indexed very quickly by Google in one second, oh yeah but This is indeed the most effective way, because we use the webmaster submit tools directly so that our articles or posts can be quickly indexed by Google, then how to use these webmasters to quickly index Google? it's quite easy.

Easy Ways to Quickly Index Google

First step

1. Make sure you have published a new article 

2. Now open

3. In the new tab fill in the URL of your article> Fill Captcha> Click Send 

See the example image below:
4. Please check your article in the search engine.

The second way

I think the first way the article must have been indexed by google, but what's the harm to stabilize our article indexed google 

1. Open the webmaster dashboard

2. Enter the webmaster> select your blog site 

3. On the dashboard> Crawl> Take it as google 

4. Enter the article URL start from date> Click Retrieve> Send Index 

See sample image below:
5. Please check your article. 

Okay, my blogger friend, I think it's enough tutorial for an easy way to quickly index Google indexed articles . thanks.
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