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How to speed up the Google Index

How to speed up the Google Index
There is a question from one of my friends on the blog who asks how to make a quick blog on the google index. this question makes me want to write an article on this occasion. 
Actually, if you don't block the robot bot for the crawling process, your blog will automatically be indexed by itself, but it may take a while because Google bot doesn't have the right address of your blog, so to speed up indexing, you have to set up some things that you have to do manually . but before you please log in to Google Search Console first.
If you have logged in to your Google Search Console account the next step is to optimize your blog or website first in the on-page SEO strategy. if you already understand what I mean, here are the actions you must take to speed up the google index.

How to speed up the Google Index

1. Send a Sitemap

Please send an xml sitemap to webmasters who are on Crawling> Sitemaps. for you wordpress users, you have to install the google xml sitemaps plugin first, then the settings how your sitemap should be indexed, you have to be careful to check the menu that will be published in the sitemap, if you make a wrong setting, the result will cause duplication of content. hated by webmasters. 

For blogspot users your site map xml format is provided but for you custom domain users or TLDs that you host on blogspot this xml sitemap facility does not exist instead of the xml sitemap You can use feed feeds usually written like this

or you can

2. Send the article URL

For the second step to turn off your article, it can be indexed by Search Console, which is to send a url or link to the webmaster for the steps to go to Crawling> Take As Google. on this webmaster page you are told to send the url one by one. taken as google, there are several crawling versions, namely web crawl, Xhtml / Wml, cHtml and Smartphones. please send all indexes so that the Google crawling process will be easier this is to provide information to robots crawling about your site's whereabouts.

3. Robot settings txt

The last thing you have to take is the txt robot setting, please set your robot txt or leave it as a defult if you are still confused. this step will give google bot the command to index which pages he should be crawling and which pages he should be crawling (crawling restrictions). 

If you've done the three steps above, please wait for 1 X 24 hours. then the Google bot crawling process will work. to check it you can write on google search with query site: then you can be sure your blog will be indexed by google.

The steps above are steps that I often use when I have a new blog, and the results are indeed in the 1X24 hour my new blog is indexed by Google. Well, what should you do next? Of course, updating blog articles regularly so that Google bots often touch your blog, and understand how Google Megindex your article, this is the method that I use often, hopefully this article helps you to process Google index quickly.
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