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How To Get Google Indexed Quick Articles Online Ball Portal

How To Get Google Indexed Quick Articles Online Ball Portal
The average Blogger index process for each new article can normally take days, maybe even longer. Google's crawler engine (Googlebot) periodically re-crawls existing websites around the world to update information.

Although the crawl process of a site only takes a few seconds or even milliseconds, but because of the large number of sites that are available, making new articles appear longer in the Google search index results .

As one of the leading search engines in the world. Google really understands that. For this reason, Google provides intelligent tools to help all the needs of web owners to maximize site performance against the Google search engine, including to speed up the process of indexing new articles. 

Some steps that you can take to quickly index Google searches within minutes after being published.

1. Register the site with Google Webmasters Tools (Search Console)

To maximize website performance against the Google search engine, make sure you have added your site properties to Google Search Console. Learn how to register a site with Google Webmasters

2. Send site map

Just like the blog's content list page whose function is to help users explore the entire contents of the site. Site / Sitemap maps are more intended to help crawler engines reach all parts of the website more quickly and smartly.

3. Make sure the robots.txt file does not block Googlebot from crawling your site's pages

The default settings of the robot.txt file on Blogger allow all crawler bots including Googlebot to crawl all pages of the site except the search page. If you do not make any changes in it, you can be sure that each of your posts can be crawled and indexed by the Google search engine.

4. Call Googlebot to crawl the newly published article

For new articles / posts to be quickly indexed on Google search, you should do the following every time you post a new article. 

Before starting, to minimize the risk of errors when entering a URL, it's a good idea to copy / copy the url of the article you just published.

  • Open Google Search Console, select the site property
  • On the left menu select "Crawl", then click "Fetch as Google" (Take as Google)
  • Fetch as Google
  • Paste or paste the new article url in the box provided, then adjust it. Example Cepat-terindex-google.html becomes 2015/11 / how-to-article-quick-indexed-google.html
  • Click the "Take" button
  • Then click "Request Indexing"
  • Skip reCaptcha
  • Next, select one of the "Repeat this URL only" options or "Repeat this URL along with the direct link"
  • Click "Send"
  • Then change the index request mode from "Desktop" to "Smart phone"
  • Enter the url then add? M = 1 behind it, for example: 2015/11 / how-to-article-fast-indexed-google.html? M = 1
  • Click "Take" and do it again like steps 5 to 8
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