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What is SEO and its benefits

What is SEO and its benefits
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the things that many webmasters do to get visitors.

This is felt by some people to be difficult. One of them is because they don't have enough time.

Therefore, many people are willing to spend capital to order SEO services available in cyberspace.

What is a Search Engine?

Search engines are digital machines that are used to find information. Many search engines are available today, including Google and Yahoo. 

The information sought can be in the form of text, images or video. 

Every search engine has its own algorithm. This algorithm is a collection of parameters that can affect the ranking of a website in a search engine. 

Most SEO tutorials taught on the internet refer to the google search engine. Because Google is the most widely used search engine today.

What is SEO?

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effort made to optimize a website in search engine search results with the aim of getting a better ranking. 

Search engines have algorithms to determine the ranking of a website. The algorithm can be changed at any time by the search engine, so you need to keep reading the latest information about it. 

Search engine optimization is not something that only needs to be done to get satisfying results. But it must be done continuously to always get high rankings in search engines.

Many are out there who are constantly optimizing their website. For that, you also have to keep doing it to keep on competing. Especially if your competitors (who target similar keywords) are very large

SEO History

Based on Danny Sullivan's opinion, the word search engine optimization was first used in 1997. 

Initially, algorithms in SEO were still simple and easily manipulated. At that time, search engines ranked only based on the meta tags found on a website. 

Some webmasters manipulate meta tags to achieve good rankings on search engines by entering keywords that do not match the content into it. At that time, keyword density (keyword density) is also very influential. 

This will cause the search engine to provide a list that does not match the keywords that are searched.

To overcome this problem, two graduate students from Stanford University named Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed the Backrub search engine. This search engine uses algorithms based on mathematical calculations. This calculation is called a PageRank based on the number and quality of links that go to a website. 

Then in 1998 they developed Backrub by establishing Google. This search engine is able to provide more relevant search results. Google is currently the most widely used search engine for searching information on the internet. In addition, Google has also provided many other features.

Benefits to be obtained

There are several benefits that will be obtained if you succeed in SEO with the maximum, including:

1. Getting large numbers of visitors

The main benefit of SEO is to get high traffic. 

The better the position of the website on search engines, the more likely the traffic will be obtained later. Especially if you can sit at the top. 

If your website is already in the top 10 of Google, it's good enough. But, it would be better if the website continues to be optimized until it reaches a higher rank. 

The amount of traffic that can be obtained depends also on the keywords you use. Whether these keywords are sought or will not be very influential later. 

Long keywords (long tail keywords) are highly recommended for new websites or blogs. Competition using keywords like this will be less than short keywords.

However, if you are very expert in SEO and able to master short keywords, there will be many visitors who flood your website

2. Become popular in cyberspace

By getting the top 10 positions in the search engines on every page of the website you have, it can make a website better known in cyberspace. 

This also depends on the number of articles that are owned and the variety of keywords targeted. 

In addition, articles on your website can also be used as a reference by bloggers if they succeed in doing SEO well. Especially, if your website or blog only focuses on one topic. This can increase the confidence of other bloggers about your insights on the topic.

3. Smooth business

In accordance with point number 1 above success in SEO can increase traffic in large numbers. 

With this large traffic, many customers will get later. Especially because visitors obtained from search engines are targeted visitors according to the keywords you are aiming for. 

Regardless of the business or product offered, visitors who get high amounts of search engines will be able to launch your business later through the website that has been optimized. 

With more and more businesses that market their products through the internet, SEO needs are also increasing.

Therefore many parties open services to optimize websites from various other companies and websites that are engaged in business or business.

4. Get satisfaction

One of the things that webmasters will get if they succeed in getting the first position on the search engine is personal satisfaction. This is because they have succeeded in passing competitors on certain keywords. 

The most obvious example of this is if you succeed in winning an SEO contest. Even by winning an SEO contest you will also get prizes from the organizers of the contest. 

Contests like this can be used as an arena for learning and knowing how far you are in search engine optimization. You can check your ranking every day whether you are ranked first, or still far from the top ten.

If you have reached the first rank, don't just stop doing optimization. For that time you might be the one who won the competition, but in the following days or even a few moments after that your website is not necessarily at the top. Therefore, continue to do optimization to keep getting the first rank in search engines.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

There are many tips recommended by SEO experts. To learn it, don't just refer to one source. Find many trusted references, especially from Google itself. 

In general, Search Engine Optimization techniques can be divided into white hat and black hat SEO. 

White hat SEO is an SEO technique that is done according to the guidelines of search engines without cheating. This technique can produce a ranking that lasts long enough. 

While black hat SEO tries to improve ranking by cheating that is not approved by search engines. If this is known by search engines, the ranking may be downgraded or even removed from the database.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Viewed from the optimized area, SEO can be divided into 2, namely onpage and offpage SEO. 

Onpage SEO is a search engine optimization that is done on a website page. While SEO offpage is done outside the website. 

Examples of SEO onpage, for example optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, quality content, responsive and quickly accessed templates, and much more. 

While offpage SEO, for example link building and social media use. 

So some introduction to SEO. Hopefully useful for those of you who want to learn SEO.
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