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How to Increase Blog Visitors

How to Increase Blog Visitors
How to Increase Blog Visitors may already know a lot. Many blog masters have raised this topic. But again I try to peel it for you with a slightly different version. 
I deliberately shared this trick for you who wants to increase the number of visitors or guests for his blog. Especially for beginner bloggers who haven't mastered the powerful SEO sciences, including myself. 

The main mistake of a blogger is to target articles that he writes only focus on Google. As if the first page of Google is the last port of the article.

By waiting while daydreaming. Hands that endlessly mouse over the blog statistics refresh button and hope that Google kindly generates visitors to their blog. If this stigma has ingrained in our minds, I suggest immediately change your direction of thinking.

Visitors or visitors are soul mates from a blog or website. There are many ways we can do to boost the number of visitors on our blog. Can with natural methods or using software that is able to present 2000 visitors per day. Honestly, I prefer the natural, because it is more sporty and healthy. And if you want to know, that's where art is in the world of blogging.

Create interesting, compelling and tempting posting titles to lure readers.
Tricks to Attract Blog Visitors

How to attract visitors to this blog is very easy and simple, but I do not promise fantastic visitor numbers, because the application of this method gives different results depending on how we execute it. Let's look together.

1. Create an account on social media

Why do I place this point on the first device? The reason is simple, almost ¾ of the world's population moves through social media. This will be a great promotional tool for a website or blog. 

In addition to increasing the popularity of our blog, social media is believed to be able to influence ranking in the Google search engine. For that, please make a minimum of 5 accounts from different social media, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

2. Create an account on social bookmarking

After you finish creating a blog, register your blog with several social bookmarks. If our blog is in Indonesian, I suggest to create an account and include our blog to local social bookmarking, such as Lintas Me, DoFollow,, or Indofeed. Then submit each article that we make regularly.

3. Join groups on social media

Search on social media for at least 10 groups that are in line with our blog, don't forget to join them. After joining, do not rush to promote the blog. Give lots of likes and actively comment on each update from members of the group. 

If necessary, visit their website, and provide friendly comments. You can also do this on social bookmarks that we have followed. 

Important: Try to join a group that has many members, and follow the rules.

4. Make as many friends as possible

Try to capture friends from group members. The more friends we collect will provide good prospects for our blog. Remember, they are potential potential visitors. If you think content is king, they are the queen candidates.

5. It's time to promote

After you have passed the above points, now is the time for us to 'trade' our blog content through social media. First the maximum update of the 3 most interesting and quality articles from our blog in all column status groups that we follow. Don't forget, make short and interesting promotional sentences. Then welcome visitors who come, and give positive appreciation.

6. Expand article updates

This is the ultimate key of the steps above. Expand stock of quality articles on our blog. Articles or writings can be used as bullets or ammunition to target the target or target we want to achieve. 

The more articles we have, the greater our chances of getting the visitors we want. In order not to be considered excessive, promote our articles gradually, 3 articles every hour for all groups on social media, I think it's enough. 

If we are focused on the world of blogging, this method can be done every day. The results you can see for yourself on each blog's statistics.

Through regular promotions, slowly but surely blog visitors will come to our blog if they are interested in the title of the article we are promoting. Choose blog articles that still have low traffic. Promote continuously. The results can be felt by yourself.

How to Increase Blog Visitors is to utilize and optimize the functions of social media.

Here are the benefits that we can get from this method compared if we have to compete with the masters just to grab one google page to get visitors to the blog.

  • Social media is a means to pick up the ball, while the search engine is more like a place to wait for a ball.
  • Through social media, we are free to determine the articles we want to promote, without worrying about excessive SEO techniques.
  • We can do up to date articles on social media without worrying about being considered spam.
  • Blogs are more likely to get visitors, because the level of competition on social media does not require rigorous selection.
  • Readers are easier to know us, which will increase the popularity of blogs, of course if we frequently update articles on social media.
  • To strengthen friendship, try to follow a blog, and don't forget to ask for follow-up.

In addition, active in forums with many useful solutions. Because it can improve our image. When people are interested in the solutions that we provide, we can be sure they will find info about who and what is the name of your blog. 

If a lot of interesting content on our blog provokes their attention, prepare yourself to welcome them as loyal visitors to your blog. 

So many discussions from me about How to Increase Blog Visitors . Hopefully it can be useful.
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